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  1. I need Quaxly but I don’t have much. Do you have an extra Quaxly to trade?

  2. I don’t, I was able to get one. Thanks

  3. Ok thank you. What code would you like to use?

  4. Sure! Same code (and for future people this is my last egg)

  5. Edit: Sorry, didn’t see your response to the other person

  6. I could give you an egg if you want, I’m not hatching any more but I have quite a few quaxly eggs left

  7. Any way I could get a Quaxly egg from you?

  8. I upgraded my cellphone plan to include the Disney bundle

  9. If you’re talking about the download, it’s because you’re using a title that requires internet. The Switch pauses the download if you play something that uses the network connection

  10. I’ll be glad to get anything over 105

  11. I got it to replace CenturyLink and even with just 2 bars of service I routinely pull 80 down and 9 up

  12. What’s your latency/ping like? That’s what matters more to me because my latency/ping right now isn’t great and I’m not even getting the speed I pay for

  13. Looking through my recent speed tests it’s around the 50s and 60s frequently

  14. If you get any more, I’d be glad to get one

  15. Rebooting it usually reconnects it to the secondary signal

  16. Yeah, it could be some sort of maintenance in your area then

  17. super interested in monferno, mothim and dustox ☺️

  18. I have a Level 18 Dustox Male and level 21 Mothim Male I could trade

  19. Since the Switch OLED came out

  20. You pay the taxes for the total amount upfront, your installments begin on your bill

  21. You could get a refurb directly from Nintendo for around $40

  22. No. As far as I know the Switch lite cannot output video with any dock

  23. If only this fixed the bug for Photo Stream

  24. Photo Stream hasn’t been updating consistently for people using the high efficiency settings in their camera apps

  25. Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing, and Breath of the Wild

  26. Mine were same, except instead of BotW I got SSB:U

  27. I originally got Super Smash Bros but I haven’t played it as much since getting Breath of the Wild

  28. It’s up to you, here are my settings:

  29. I have mine connected to an eero system and my Switch connects just fine that way but I don’t know if that answer is helpful to you

  30. Does the grip case cover the camera lens as in if I set it on a table will the lenses not touch ? Sorry for asking so much I just dropped 1200 bucks and don't want my lenses scratched lol

  31. It keeps the lens off the table. I get it, I have a 512gb graphite 13 Pro Max

  32. Sweet great to hear oh nice I picked a 256 sierra blue that answers my concern thanks.

  33. Oh cool, I had the Pacific Blue for my 12 Pro so I decided to go graphite this time. Glad I could answer your concerns

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