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Here is my collection of Shrek VHS, most are brand new!

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  1. I’ve never played either, and looks like you won’t be playing either as well.

  2. How do you have them displayed?

  3. Like this, but rotated 90 degrees

  4. Some great games there 😁.. Just some questions, why do you collect graded and why WATA? I collect some sealed games as well and have them in protective boxes, so I'm always a little curious for personal reasons of people grading since I myself have decided against it. PS: Mario Tennis games are heavily underrated 🔥

  5. You can see that I own a variety of different cases. Wata is generally more available, you aren’t seeing my other 20ish raw games as well. I prefer the separate box and seal grades that wata and CGC have vs the single grade for VGA.

  6. Those look very high quality, have you considered grading them?

  7. So I started by collecting a couple of the N64 games I had as a child with the original boxes. It evolved into going to swap meets, game stores and buying / selling / trading to a full CIB N64 set with lots and lots of goodies. But now it is time to move on to trim the bulk of the collection and focus on quality over quantity!

  8. How much? You know my COD collection is better than yours and I would love to make it even better ;)

  9. You should check out this 9.6A+ cod I won at auction last night, it was like $600, but totally worth it

  10. I speak on behalf of everyone, let’s crack this bad boy open and play some COD

  11. Nice stuff, keep it up! My sealed Pokémon games are my favourite items

  12. Thanks! What games do you have? Or if there’s a lot which sealed ones are your faves in your collection?

  13. Wow some nice condition items, good stuff!

  14. Are those graded games in there? You know wata is a scam right?

  15. Awesome collection, I can see a lot of literal grails in the there! Awesome!

  16. I have a sealed copy of gex that I need to get graded, I also have a promo gex snowboard you might lke

  17. Aren’t you the guy who was previously like “please appreciate my collection without hating” or something in a post containing this exact same photo?

  18. Love the dedication to the Franchise, which do you think is the most valuable now, and will be the most valuable in 5 years?

  19. Nooo way. Did this guy actually make a "look at the downvotes" comment, get downvoted to hell for it, and then delete his comments!?

  20. Huh, he is posting his video game collection to

  21. I do appreciate your attention to only having VGA. Do you have the manual for Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut though?

  22. What are those weird plastic things with the gold circles?

  23. Don’t worry about those, they are just graded games, not by wata, so they are good

  24. A little bit of rubbing alcohol should remove the marker, careful of the paper label

  25. Does the graded Pokemon Blue bother you a little bit when all the others look like they're at least a 9.0? Are you eventually going to upgrade it?

  26. It’s actually a true first print “red text” error blue. I am happy to own one in any condition. A nice later print blue is on my most wanted list

  27. Grading destroys this hobby, you can put anything in that title it’s still my opinion.

  28. But VGA has been grading games for 15+ years, how was the hobby not destroyed ages ago?

  29. It’s also in Canadian which is like $1.35 : $1.00 USD

  30. Games were meant to be displayed, toss those stupid VGA bags and let them shine

  31. I paid $5K for a beat up sealed copy of Pokémon blue myself, it’s a first print red text blue. Wata 6.5A.

  32. What was the largest amount you bought from one source/person?

  33. Then why dont you run over the ones you already own? Seems odd you’re also in several fb video game groups that are solely focused on graded games. Seems a bit disingenuous

  34. I did buy a cheap wata case to destroy for science

  35. Don’t tell anyone else, but I own a graded game or 2 🤫

  36. I’d search for a 2013+ if you can as the oil consumption issues which plagued the B8 models was largely solved.

  37. My 2013 B8.5 also has oil consumption issues

  38. I have a 2009 and a 2013 A4s, they are great cars. Expect it to have oil consumption issues that will be a $5K repair if you decide to do it. Audi covered the 09, will not cover the 13, so I just top up 1L of oil every 800KM.

  39. Dude, im just an average guy that works at a family buisness, ive been hunting for a long time. I have 0 debt, i would never put my family at risk because of my obsession.

  40. Don’t worry buddy, we all support you and understand how you collected such a sweet collection, except this one salty twat

  41. When you have to nickle and dime a rough estimate then it shows you have no other points to prove.

  42. Good night grandpa, your milks getting warm

  43. For the price I’m sure you’d have bought it too

  44. The people paying $3,000 for a sealed Pokémon game aren’t stopping your from buying a $50 loose copy to play. If you think that the literal dozens of sealed Pokémon collectors are causing a massive rise in the loose prices, you would be mistaken.

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