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  1. What are some mistakes authors make between their first published book and their second?

  2. I'm still where I was last month: just waiting for Things (announcements, edit letter, contract signing) to happen, having no control over them happening, and in the meantime being distracted by my increasingly chaotic day job.

  3. Dumb question - how do author photos work? You handle getting them done yourself or?

  4. This is one of my fears if I go with an editorial agent (getting ready to hit the query trenches again). On the one hand, I want to defer to the person with expertise. On the other hand, I don't want to get caught in the endless revision loop chasing perfection.

  5. Example usage: on Google I like doing + "COMPTITLE1" or "COMPTITLE2"

  6. Cool art and cool character, a lot of personality being portrayed.

  7. Very interesting perspective. I've heard from people who love or hate this series but I don't think I've seen posts from people who loved and are rereading it before

  8. I have never been able to get past a big jump in time. So I’m reading something, or watching a great show on tv, and suddenly they jump a year into the future. And characters are inexplicably divorced, or married, or moved to another country, or have a new job. I just can’t cope with it. For smaller changes than this, I may need some time to adjust before continuing to read. But I’ve never been able keep going after a big time jump.

  9. I like them and see no reason not to participate personally. Well, maybe some reasons considering Twitter these days, but still. This is a numbers game, getting more chances to promote your materials to agents is very valuable.

  10. About as strict as all rules when it comes to writing. Learn them so you can judge when it’s time to break them.

  11. Banning books pre-internet = really serious.

  12. I wonder if the recent New Leaf stuff has made some new questions more pertinent to ask on call.


  14. Me, pressing play: Let's see if I actually play this full 4 minute video

  15. There is currently a vampire hunger games book that is blowing up, but it was self-published. The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent

  16. I’ve read The Serpent and the Wings of Night and initially considered comping it, but unfortunately I can’t comp a self-published book. It does hit in a similar genre though and might be a good thing to mention on a call.

  17. Yeah, it's probably fine. They might think of the book (and how well it did) when they see the query anyway.

  18. Conveniently didn't mention that chapter he promised but never delivered

  19. I like this and would probably request as is, but I wonder if the dilemma presented by the promise of power the evil faerie king is offering could be more clear. Right now I’m not sure why she wouldn’t immediately accept it.

  20. I know that KT Literary and Azantian both worked very hard to find agent placements for their authors when agents had to leave the business. Referrals not just within the agency, but with other agencies as well. It's not always possible to find a perfect match b/c the agent has to be enthusiastic and in love with the work, but I know both those agencies came through and I'd trust them.

  21. BookEnds is a shark agency?! With their cozy ass videos?

  22. The person who led the rebellion against Snow was another Tyrant pretending to be at Katniss's side while using her as the face of the rebellion. I think when Katniss has an arrow loaded and can shoot Snow (while he's being held still by the Tyrant) she realizes the Tyrant killed her sister or some shit and chooses to kill the Tyrant instead.

  23. Nah I just don't remember her name. Some lady who led the "thought-to-be-destroyed" district and orchestrated the rebellion against the Capital

  24. It’s really painful to read about some author’s experiences. You could do everything right but still end up with an agent that drops you while you’re on sub, or an agent who takes 9 months to send you your edit letter, or an agent who is so bad at communicating because you weren’t an instant bestseller. :(

  25. People saying that even six-figure authors that earn out aren't safe is kind of mindblowing. The bar is in heaven?

  26. They have a well-earned rep for dropping clients, from Volpe on down.

  27. They disabled queues last night. This morning they seem to have thought they resolved the issue, and I played a full game of ranked fine, but after that the issues resumed.

  28. Yeah it worked like an hour ago but now it's down again.

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