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  1. why would a cop open a door, order someone out the car and then open fire when things don't go his way.... or slowly murder a man [8mins] in front of witnesses, cameras and don't give a f#@k about consequences.....

  2. Why did you write that Ben Crump is the officer charged with attempted murder?

  3. and 22 assists from Russ and him ...130-points against the best defense with Dennis out and the front officer trying to improve the team... its just 1 game but 1 h3ll-off a game.

  4. It's because Magic didn't play too many seasons (for obvious reasons), and also LeBron isn't a primary passer, he's a scoring first player, averaging 27 ppg throughout his career.

  5. yeah i actually think you might want to keep westbrook. he's playing solidly enough and you aren't going to get great value back for him. trade nunn beverley and picks and see if you can get a wing shooter and take your chances with davis lebron in the playoffs.

  6. Look, you can't expect everyone to know how to spell "Monique" correctly the first time.

  7. more worse... the stupid employee saw the thing was labelled monkey and still gave out the order... trying to distance from it by not saying monkey, [but the order name ].. wtf

  8. even worse when she told another employee, he brushed it off... [things happen]... that person needs to be fired.

  9. but.....he was disrespected the day before by someone in a red-car, who was driving? we don't know but anyone will do.... because his shiny badge says so.

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