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  1. Oh boy the internet tough guy called me a bad word! I’m so scared!

  2. For United cabin crew you sure are a mouthy little thing

  3. I like cintron. He worked on mechanics with Yordan before game 6 in the World Series last year and we know how that turned out! Had him on my flight a few weeks after that and got to talk to him. Super nice guy.

  4. As a Mariners fan I’m quite shocked they cracked the top 10.

  5. At least they’re giving some love to the Diamond backs this time lol.

  6. I was today years old when I learned Trini was a fellow Houstonian lol.

  7. Idk if I'm getting old, but I'm having a hard time with botw. I decided to play it before the new one, I just beat the elephant robot and now I have no idea what to do. I've tried exploring and going to those towers to unlock the map, but the enemies are too strong. I've played for about 2 or 3 hours after that boss and I'm lost, any hints on where to go?

  8. 6’2”, 200 pounds here. I can confirm it’s heavier than it looks lol.

  9. Redditt as a whole is conservative. Look how many people here defend reagan.

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