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  1. First off. You need inner cleansing. Get therapy. There are NGOs who provide them for free in India. (I can even send you a number if you can DM me). Addiction works differently for different people. You need to work towards your own way with the right help. So please please please take it up. Whatever comes behind can only be useful on a long term if your mind is uncluttered

  2. Excuse me. There's no leading lady in Mumbai Police. Neither top nor bottom

  3. I'm really sorry for what you've faced so far. But being an industry insider, I'd like to apologise on behalf of all of them and reiterate that there are good ones who are still trying to reach out to you and help you out to the best.

  4. I'm a person who stands strong in majority of emotional scenes but the moment any emotional scene comes on the screen involving an animal, all he'll breaks loose for me. One such scene which had a combination of both Lalettan's peak performance and the former was the final scene in Bhramaram involving that puppy. OMG I still remember how the 13 yo me uncontrollably wept in that scene and I'd probably never rewatch it again just cuz of the sheer amount of emotional outflow ill have

  5. Nivin Pauly for most parts. Anna Ben if you think about her handful of movies.

  6. I might have to disagree on annaben. Of the movies I have seen of her, the mannerisms seemed same

  7. I understand. I was having more of character choices in mind than execution of characters by the same person.

  8. 20min 11thsec they directly says Antony took 10 lakhs advance quoting sister's marriage, so jude didn't make that from thin air.....

  9. Looking forward to an update. Please make sure you report and follow up with the police constantly

  10. I understand from your comments that your friend can provide this dog with ample air conditioning. Combine that with brief outdoor activities (considering the dog enjoys and is used to such stuff), should be fine.

  11. From the left, Bharat Gopi, Murali, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, and James Chacko at the back

  12. The skills she developed being a classical dancer is a major source for this vivid expressioning she showcased in these scenes

  13. I thought we had lost that Suraj until Manjali Darseues happened. Waiting for more roles like em. I appreciate his efforts to not get typecasted into comedy but I guess he candiversify in comedy too.

  14. I think that's always the job for media. May not sound very relevant on this topic. But I guess it's always preferable to have a questioning mentality so that it doesn't die out when needed

  15. What is this comments section? When did Reddit get such an influx of butthurt boomers??

  16. So strong men can't dress the way they want? Or is strength just part of the fabric you're wrapped in or the color of your hair.?

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