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  1. no, they’re pretty useless estimates largely based on heart rate and pace and little else. the watch can’t actually measure oxygen consumption

  2. no, they’re separate in most places.

  3. i don't think that's true, at least from the bigger companies. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc all consistently work better than Apple TV on Roku, Google/Android TV, Xbox and everything else i've used

  4. He’s not taking about those, but he’s right. Native smart TV apps are garbage. TV’s lack the right processing power for streaming apps to run smoothly. They are all slow to load and run content. Using 3rd party devices is always preferred.

  5. Roku and Google TV/Android TV are both native operating systems for a lot of TVs, fwiw. and again, most apps seem to work better than Apple’s app on those platforms, mostly because apple can’t be bothered to care enough.

  6. i don’t use it nearly as much as netflix, hulu, disney+ or peacock, which is probably why apple’s constantly giving away free trials.

  7. yeah, the feature has always been a complete joke that apple’s not shown any interest in fixing

  8. Samsung HD10+ is their own proprietary version of Dolby Vision because they didn't want to pay Dolby for that feature. Most TVs and 4K disc makers lean more toward Dolby Vision and the battle for HD10+ is over, but nobody ever told Samsung. I have an LG OLED with DV and still feel like I made a wise choice. To each their own, though.

  9. it's not a 'proprietary' format, but an open standard that plenty of other TV and device manufacturers support, fwiw.

  10. Amazon has started dropping hdr10+ for DV as the contract they had with Samsung has finished

  11. they’re still making plenty of new shows available in HDR10+, though yes, they have a few now available in both formats

  12. It has to do with the TV+ app which he’s asking about as well as shows on TV+

  13. he’s talking about the Apple TV app, Apple TV+ is a streaming service within that app and not something you can watch Rambo from. it’s fine to discuss here and it’s not OP’s fault that Apple is shit at naming their products

  14. yeah, it’s incredibly annoying and why i always end up turning the feature off on devices that offer it. either you get annoying flashes like this constantly with a lot of apps or others just ignore the setting altogether, few make it a pleasant experience to use.

  15. hmm, apple themselves are pretty clear about it being a sensor for skin temperature and that the only use case for it is tracking of past ovulation cycles. seems like that apple store employee sends too much time reading reddit and other questionable sources than he does apple documentation

  16. Bloomberg TV for financial stuff. otherwise, CBS, NBC and ABC all have '24/7' news streams available on YouTube and various apps like Tubi, Pluto TV, etc.

  17. depends on your use case, but my feeling is the the Watch is a tech gadget primarily designed for fitness tracking, not a piece of jewelry that'll last you years. as such, i find the aluminum model's lighter weight and the more crack-resistant IonX screen to be of more value to me.

  18. 60ms average over the last year, 65ms average over the last month. i run a lot, tend to take a rest day once a week or so

  19. you uninstalled it, i would assume. still very much on my watch and i used it to go for a run tonight like i do most days

  20. I also assumed that, but i can’t even find It in the watch App Store!!

  21. if the app is on your phone, open the Watch app (on the phone) and scroll down and you should be able to install it from there.

  22. if i care enough to see it when not doing a running workout, i mostly just swipe to my infograph watchface and am fine with the '45bpm - 6 minutes ago' or whatever the complication displays. if for some reason it looks like a very odd number that doesn't seem reasonable, i'll click it and wait for a current reading

  23. if you're not into live sports, it's pretty easy to live without a cable-like service

  24. Did they ban American players when they invaded Afghan or Iraq or any other country that needed freedom?

  25. given that the UK (and most of the rest of the world) fully supported those wars...

  26. yes, it's dumb and gives Russia (and Belarus) an easy propaganda win

  27. Porsche made a 7-speed, and most semi trucks have from 9-18.

  28. Ford has a 7-speed manual as an option in the Bronco

  29. apple's sleep tracking is pretty basic and really only designed for night sleeps where you have 'sleep focus' enabled, it can't handle advanced things like naps.

  30. The new FOX Sports app is pretty solid, I think, and the "4K" broadcast is probably only second to Apple at this point. FOX has come a long way.

  31. second only to Apple? Apple hasn't broadcast any live sporting events in 4K as of yet

  32. Were the MLB broadcasts only in 1080p? That's my bad, then. They looked great and just assumed so.

  33. mine has increased 75% since the time i moved into this place in April 2021 and my newest lease agreement last month. unsurprisingly, two different new 'property management' companies have taken over in that time and the latest is not much above 'slum lord' level (the previous people were alright, and actually had a property manager that lived on site and had consistent office hours... new people are horrid)

  34. Download the Apple TV app. It's on the Google Play Store.

  35. Samsung’s TVs don’t run Android (and Apple doesn’t make an Apple TV app for Android phones or tablets).

  36. There were 13000 mustangs unsold on dealer lots? I wanted to test drive an Ecoboost and the 3 dealers within 100 miles of me all had 0 on the lot, except for a Shelby for $122k…

  37. my local dealer has 22 listed as 'in stock' (includes both of their locations), only 6 are Ecoboost models, the rest pretty much all standard GTs alongside one $64,000 Mach 1.

  38. so is every final every year, though. djokovic just isn’t near the draw as federer or nadal is

  39. Hopefully if Wimbledon does reverse the ban the UK government will just deny them visas.

  40. why would you want to hand russia such an easy propaganda win?

  41. Hmm I don't think I'll ever use this. Also I still hate how Netflix is trying to segregate every damn feature to premium.

  42. it's not all that uncommon, though. HBO Max and Paramount+ also both restrict 4K content to their highest tier plans; iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, etc. have always charged more to buy/rent a movie in that format vs. in HD, etc

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