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  1. I love rewatching this show and getting to this episode, seeing fuckin Gavin McInnes randomly always freaks me out.

  2. Everything, gonna be the first hm enthusiast sports reporter

  3. Good thing electric cars are unaffordable and not readily available. Wait, what?

  4. Well that's alright, atleast we have our well developed great public transportation right?

  5. Just got waitlisted for Sport Media :/ anyone gotten an offer yet?

  6. Finding decent players who actually like playing here is hard as fuck I'm perfectly fine paying him

  7. I feel like people have too big of expectations on "first round picks" in the NBA everything outside the lottery is a crapshoot. Search up any draft year and look at picks 15 - 30. You can count how many guys are averaging 10+ PPG on one hand. If Isaiah Todd can average 5-10 PPG and be even an okay bench contributer that's a win. Some guys picked in the top 10 struggle to do that.

  8. Obvious answer to me is Isaiah Thomas, dude was a 5'9 MVP candidate. The stats didn't lie earlier, I remember watching that dude fuck teams up on the perimeter and in the paint, was astonishing.

  9. The 👀 emoji has done irreparable harm to the world of sports media

  10. Doubt it, nobody cares enough to pray on the Lakers downfall, people just see the Nets as an easy target because of the small fanbase

  11. Bro what, were you not paying attention during the regular season when everytime Westbrook missed a shot it was the top post on this sub?? The Lakers missing the playoffs entirely was one of the biggest stories of the year.

  12. I can confidently say this man considers being a reddit mod his greatest accomplishment.

  13. Anyone who calls themselves a Wizards fan is a Wizards fan, it's like the anti bandwagon team, they've sucked for so long it's not like you're just rooting for the best team.

  14. Nah it's fuck KD til I die lmao, let him suffer the consequences of his actions of Brooklyn

  15. In a week when we give Bradley Beal a quarter of a billion dollars

  16. I mean this Matthews guy just won the Hart so I'm sure he deserves a cover

  17. Wish Maurice all the best but this is a strange fuckin move. If you're Florida do you really look at what's happened in Winnipeg the last few years and go "yeah I want that!". I really don't see this relationship lasting very long lol.

  18. Don't care if anyone calls it an overreaction or recency bias, but Giannis is already at least a top 15 player of all time. The best player on a championship team, finals MVP, 2x MVP, DPOY. Has been in MVP conversations for the last 5 years, and will be there consistently going forward.

  19. Fr, dude played high school football in Canada. Probably looked like prime Calvin Johnson out there.

  20. Not a position, but all four NFC West HCs rank in the top of the league in active tenure coaching that team and three have made the Super Bowl with that team. Even Kliff at least has a . 500 career record.

  21. Also crazy to think 3/4 of them are 42 years old or younger.

  22. I would have no reservations about trading Beal for Shai or Dejounte. I would 100% rather do that than trade any combination of Rui, Deni, and Kuz + maybe picks.

  23. How can you get mad at young people for taking jobs that make more money and require less physical work.

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