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  1. When was the surgery? How many metal clips did do you have now? Varicocele is gone now?

  2. do you have recurrence?

  3. i have the same thing even 5 months post embo, but it is only a very very slight discomfort, no pain. and only abdomen, which i did not have before embo. before embo i had only varicocele pain (scrotal). can i just ask, how long did your procedure take and what was used for vein closure?

  4. I had coils and and glue. How long was recovery post embolisation for you

  5. Glue caused proper pain for 3 to 4 weeks I would say, now I have this discomfort still 5 months post embo. It is actually above the glue, which is strange. It is not too bad, not always, only standing or sitting or doing sports, else I dont have it.

  6. is your value greater than 6? it is very likely this is due to the varicocele.

  7. so i've had microsurgery with Cüneyd Sevinç. Anybody interested in this, you can ask me any questions you might have about this, it could well be I know it.

  8. How long ago have you had it done? Is everything as perfect as Sevinc portays it? Was it your first procedure regarding varicocele? What was your grade? What made you get it fixed (fertility, pain, discomfort, hormones)? Did you do SA before and after?

  9. Just end of 2022. I cannot yet say due to swelling. No, had several procedures before. Grd. 3. Pain I would say. Only before. Was completely ok, some parameters on the right hand side of the 97% percentile. Please notice, if you wish clips, this is only possible at the more expensive clinic. You can be operated at both hospitals with the same success, though. One is only fancy looking from the outside. That is more or less the only difference and the clips if you wish them.

  10. I've no experience of this myself yet, I've my embo hopefully taking place in the next month.

  11. I have discomfort in the abdominal area where glue was put the ISV, no varicocele/scrotal discomfort. Even I have it above the glue a little bit. Do you guys think this can still be normal? Almost 5 months post embo.

  12. What is the testis delivery? Is it when the doctor pull out the testis and remove those enlarged vein’s on top of it?

  13. yes, taking it out of the scrotal sac. it should be clear that it is always best with testis delivery and vein removal (not ligation only) - regardless of vein category, be it internal, external, gubernacular. hardly anybody does it. getting rid of the problem completely is obviously not intended. Yes, most often embo leaves external and gubernacular veins unchanged. some guys have only dilated internal veins, though. in these, embo is a nice solution and can be "healed" this way. with testis delivery, it is not so important where you make the incision, it all addresses the veins around the testis itself nicely, you can even make a scrotal incision. even with scrotal incision, you can manipulate the vessels out from above a few cms, even moren than 10.

  14. Doesn’t sound like propofol. Maybe if there was fentanyl or lidocaine mixed in. A stinging pain at your iv site is really the only noticeable side effect, and it’s usually worse if you push it really slowly.

  15. it was agreed on, only propofol. but i ask.

  16. Second cannot be answered. if you are very sensitive, yes.

  17. what do you mean by "sperm count is 2% instead of the average 4%." Morphology?

  18. just as a remark, why not opt for a coilless embo? should equally effective and leaves nothing there permanently which you could feel or worry about.

  19. Was your embolization done via the jugular or groin? For the jugular they don’t make a knick with a scalpel. I’ve seen it done a few times at the groin but always assumed it was really uncommon. I still don’t consider it an incision like the 2-3 CM incision with micro or the 2-3” incision with open surgery. I prefer to really differentiate between surgery (urology) and embolization (IR) for guys online.

  20. how likely is it any piece is forgotten in the patient? (guidewire cathether, particularly if two guidewires and two cathetera were used)? Nearly 0?

  21. Thank you very much and congratulations! Would you mind answering a few questions?

  22. unlikely as embo takes place in the ISV and this should have not too much to do with the ability to erection.

  23. what kind of surgery was it?

  24. I personally would assume yes and there is the theory that reflux from the varicocele results in reflux into a prostatic plexus which evevates PSA regardless of age. It is acutally not normal your age.

  25. but it would mean 4,5 cm, this must be wrong. this is the average testicle length and you would have this size as varicocele diameter? no, must be wrong.

  26. in the plexus pmpminiformis 4.5mm would be big, 7mm would be huge, both would be grade 3. This is a varicocele and would require treatment if it causes discomfort or infertility.

  27. cancel this. its nonsense. You seem to know it too, thats why you ask. In Europe I think nobody uses this method anymore at all.

  28. what is your testicle size?

  29. The average for a man is around 14ml and off the top of my head my right nut was around 6ml roughly and my left was around 10-12ml. My varicocele was also mainly on the left side. If i had to guess i think my right is 1-3ml bigger now and my left is maybe 1ml bigger but thats just a guess. I cant say exactly how much bigger but they feel bigger, the right especially

  30. Thank you. Was your semen watery all the time before or only if you cummed many times or only if you didn't cum for a couple of days? I have varicocele and watery semen only if I do not cum a few days.

  31. If i didnt cum for a few days, my semen would be thicker. If i came regularly it would be watery. Im surprised yours is the opposite

  32. So am I , but I assume also this is due to varicocele.

  33. yes, there is a chance of coil migration but it is so little I cannot give you any number. It is basically very very close to 0.

  34. Isnt the range for men for free T 85–280 pg/ml ?

  35. 19 is still puberty. Had same issue, "I never went through that very last stage of puberty, in which you go from teen proportions to man body lmao." I had it at age 23 or 24 also with penis growth ;) ;)

  36. your testicle lengths are very good, also the rest is perfectly fine but average.

  37. An interventional radiologist should check for nutcracker during the venogram (before placing any coils). Do you have any metal allergies?

  38. Coils and stents contain a small percentage of nickel and tungsten that may cause reactions in a small (unknown) portion of patients. Allergy testing is not widely done due to cost/benefit and testing can show mixed results (metal may react differently inside the body than on surface of skin).

  39. Yes, but the IR and I would not like to use coils. In fact the hospital refers to a publications which concludes coils should be avoided if possible.

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