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  1. Hey its a numbers game. Apply, apply, apply. Like you said 13 is not much.

  2. Thanks for the advice. It's hard to collect yourself after so many rejections, but I'm working on getting it more together and keep pushing on until I get a job!

  3. Yeah. I advertised a position and got 400 applicants the first week. I'm not calling them all back. I just don't have the time to go through the recruitment process itself let alone calling everyone back.

  4. Thank you. I'll remember this one, solid advice like this is going to help me get to the places I want. :)

  5. Mine is Yelow_Lava :)

  6. Ive been waiting for a while in the trading hub ;_; You gonna join anytime soon?

  7. Ahh sorry, was showering! Forgot to update you! I'll join rn

  8. For prize figures I would suggest Anime Kaika, they have the cheapest shipping, I last brought a banpresto figure from them for $37 including the $5.50 shipping. You could also check out the Australian facebook group for secondhand figures

  9. Thank you, preowned figures are the best! 🙏

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