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  1. I just watched a movie called The Cursed. And the plot is similar to that..

  2. Hmmmm I’m not I want that to happen to my alogorithms!!!

  3. CCTV can only be released to authorised persons and correct paperwork needs to be done too. I can’t believe how many times I see in this sub people telling others to just waltz in and download some footage. There are FOI requirements

  4. On top of the above advice, hit up the cops so they can pick up said footage. Stops managers "accidentally" forgetting to get the footage copied over to a USB/CD. Some are reluctant to do so as they don't want to get the attention from higher up the corporate chain, or a strike against the licence.

  5. While i'm by no stretch saying you're not correct in saying i'm sure theres some managers that do this practice the fact that an assault has occurred would mean if QPS were engaged, it'll escalate to OLGR/LLU meaning it would be in the managers very best interest to make sure the footage has been saved and after working as a senior manager for both the real big boys at AVC/ALH for half a decade when they were both owned by supermarkets at that I haven't ever seen a incident that "upper management/corporate" have been slighted off at, it's apart of the game, they know that and thats even if the venue has been at fault through proxy with shit crowd controllers or other extenuating factors.

  6. Hey mate, slide into my DMs and let’s go over your resume together - I might have a junior position in our business too.

  7. I should’ve stared this is only when I’m AT the station not when I check it from home or as in another commenters situation.

  8. Is this one place or two? You may have missed a comma or two?

  9. Lol! There's no scale in the photo so I visually can't tell the size.

  10. Besides the fact I literally put the size in the titles but dw readings tough when you handle wolf spiders pal

  11. put him out doors ..dont hurt him..use the end of a mop or broom ,let him crawl onto it and take him out side ..not really an indoor spider

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