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  1. Adults getting excited to meet characters is weird. you are an adult, you know you are just hugging an hot and sweaty, underpaid person in their 20's under that costume. its cute when kids get excited or even sometimes scared of the characters but its just weird and creepy when adults do it

  2. It's pretty weird to me to see the middle aged men line up for Judy Hopps lol

  3. None of the food in DL or DCA is worth the reservation hassle!

  4. If you bought the early access for SNW, you also get one Express use for the Studio Tour but ONLY for use before 11:00a. In terms of interactivity, it is quite hands-off and overall very gentle, so it might be a touch boring to your child. It might be a good nap time for them, but if you go after 11:00a, the Express will have been for nothing (though that early entry for SNW is probably worth it all on its own).

  5. I hate some of the things he says and the way he says them. US women's soccer team wanted to be paid as much as their male counterparts and had every right to demand this as a national team. Women's soccer is more popular than mens national team and that year had more recognizable athletes. Nobody is suggesting that a smaller venue team should get paid as much as a team selling out a big city stadium... Or at least I've never heard this coming out the mouths of anyone but rabid anti feminists trying to create outrage.

  6. Right? Go through separate, shorter security line and riding a bus with Disney music to the entrance is fun as hell.

  7. Standing by a churro cart in Tomorrowland with another cast member waiting to push it backstage. Heard a guy raising his voice. We see this guy has grabbed his wife's face and was yelling at her in a low voice. Meanwhile their kid was playing on a bench unaware. He grabs her arm and they start to walk off.

  8. On our last trip we saw a mom hit her kid in the side of the head with a closed fist, hard. I am not a CM (sorry, horning in) but I tried to report it. Another guest was like "hahaha yeah, that's Mexican moms for you."

  9. It was nearly 9 months later a year later when they ended Rise's vq. I think it was around September (on the top of my head). Web Slingers was later I think, like November or December. i don't remember.

  10. Rise's ended November 21, 2021. I know this because it was our first visit to DL 🥴

  11. Huge companies like this, Amazon, Apple, etc. have to seriously tell shareholders every quarter how they are growing their shares. They have the majority of the market already, you cannot have infinite growth--so your only option to increase profit margins is to eliminate costs, mostly by cutting positions.

  12. Getting there early, but not rope drop early. 815-830ish. Walk on to rides in Tomorrowland, do most of Fantasyland by 10am.

  13. The lobster nachos are not great, and haven't been for a while. But I do love LL anyway, and the drinks there are great. We call the ferris wheel 'Mickey's Wheel of Death' and I'll be goddamned if I ever ride it again.

  14. SNA / John Wayne is the closest and easiest, but LGB / Long Beach is not a bad second option. If LAX is the only one (or way cheapest one), it’s fine, just not ideal.

  15. Only thing I would add here is Docking's a limited menu but usually really delicious.

  16. I am not tryna call anyone out but I did *just* see this same thing in an instagram reel this week. No idea who OC is though.

  17. I am seeing a lot of comments saying it is just a bit cheaper to go via Costco and tbh I’ve noticed a huge difference!! I went with 4 people in Nov 2022 and got 3 nights 3 day park hopper for $515 pp or something crazy when park tickets just keep increasing. If you have the Costco visa it’s a no brainer to get 5% cashback as well as the gift card. This is the only way i book travel to DL. I stayed at the Marriott across the street and Marriott behind DCA, the one behind DCA was nicer but further walk. I cannot recommend Costco to people enough.

  18. Costco charges exactly the same for tickets and hotel as Disneyland. You can do a side-by-side comparison for the same dates (built into hotel packages). As others have said, you get a gift card so it's worth it for that.

  19. If only avoiding crowds is your driving force, probably Tuesday.

  20. wow! But it is a little further. Was that through the hyatt website? I did find a pretty good deal throught costco

  21. oooh tell me more about line jumping and toy story! I have never parked over there, only mickey and friends.

  22. You can troll my posts, but basically there are a bunch of hotels clustered about 1/3 of a mile around TS parking lot. You don't have to park at TS to use the shuttle, and it's free! TS has its own security in the morning, which is usually much faster and a shorter line than park security. The shuttle buses have their own special drop off and you get to go right to the ticket booths. If you want to take a break in the middle of the day, hop on the shuttle and then walk across the parking lot (which, pretty massive) and chill at your hotel.

  23. I can't imagine DCA would be busier the day of Toon Town reopening, but for sure DL will be. Your schedule allows plenty of time to restructure, but 2 full days at DCA is maybe too many, so probably your kids will want to park hop (and you too).

  24. Depends on how you value tickets, but if you go on a weekend, those tickets are $169/$179 dollars. If you plan on park hopping, that's an additional $65/day. Assuming weekend park hopper only, that's a $234 ticket. That's 7 day visits to break even.

  25. I averaged the value, but yeah maybe a bit low for weekends and holidays. I do tend to go most then though so still the only key that would even come close to our current use is the most expensive one.

  26. No he had an escort with him. They knew where he was.

  27. The mods and I have had this discussion a few times. There's a few curmudgeonly lurkers here that down vote and report a lot of posts that don't necessarily warrant the report. I'm not sure if it's something specific to the Disney reddits or not.

  28. Let's assume it's Universal and break out the pitchforks 🔱

  29. I’m in a few of the other Disney groups and I’ll often see posts get downvoted if they are very long or have been asked and answered in the last week or so.

  30. Def see this in Disneyland sub too, but seems to be offset quickly. Trip reports get down voted all the time!

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