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  1. i was too young to think how terrible it would look. i just bleached it and then later did a terrible pink job on it. worst phase of my life. i dyed the tips red about half a year ago though and it looks great! its faded now though sighhh

  2. I basically have this type of hair but I have my front hair pulled to one of my sides like a comb over. Any recommendation on how I can fix my flat hair?

  3. that’s how my hair used to be. i decided to let it grow out and give it a mid part. i also wash my hair in the morning and it makes it more curly if i let it airdry. i don’t know if you want to keep it shorter but i think if the ends of your hair end at about the tip of your nose then it’s just about perfect. that’s my recommendation!

  4. these are great! but where’s animal collectiveeee

  5. Haven't dived too deep into their music, I'll have to check more of them out!

  6. the best advice for getting into that band is to go slowly. at first you’ll be like wtf is this noise, but the more you listen the more you’ll like it and appreciate it. they really make wonderful art with their music.

  7. All of the following have the same message as the overall album they are from

  8. this is what i would pick!

  9. i’ve been reading through the comments and i see bed bugs the most. i did not know bed bugs were real, i though “don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just a saying. swimming POOOOOOOOLLLLL

  10. Bedbugs. I am currently spending thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor to get them out of my house. And don't get me started on the bites and itching. They are like a plague, and they have no redeemable virtues. I would like for them to become extinct and then to retroactively have my money and time back. Please!!!!

  11. wait so bedbugs are real..?

  12. well, based on the info you gave us, i would recommend twenty one pilots. have you heard if them? they’re one if my favorite bands, they fit the genre of music you seem to like, and they’re pretty lit!

  13. no but honestly, this band is gonna be wayyyy out of your preferences. my friend introduced me to them about a year ago. all the bands you described was what i listened to and preferred. but the music they recommended to me was Animal Collective.(and also Panda Bear and also Avey Tare) their music you’ll find is… weird, ti say the least. but they replaced tøp with my new favorite band. tøp is comfort music for me now. :)

  14. he is??? thats so cool! they’re not my fav but they’re my gf’s favorite so i hear him a lot

  15. Vessel - Twenty One Pilots

  16. Sung Tongs - Animal Collective

  17. I'd ask about his tattoos. Specifically the one that's also on the sai band uniforms.

  18. thought it said NOT virus free

  19. maybe not of all time, but hear me out, i don't see anything unique in the song kill bill. i see people loving it like craazzyyy but it's just.. boring ig. idk. ready to recieve a lot of hate lol

  20. Helen Keller. i know she isn't real, but that's who i'd fight!

  21. hmmm lets see.. BAGELS AND RANCH. amazing, a must try. really anything with ranch, but it HAS to be good ranch. MAYONAISE SANDWICHES. haven't had in a while but super good. hummus with any food, in the burrito, on the sandwich, etc. but yeah, also, for me, sour patch kids, jolly ranchers, airheads, stuff like that with different flavors, i don't taste different flavors. they're all the same. my friends make so much fun of me for it and also get a bit angry about it lol.

  22. what's the correct way to spell project..?

  23. i don't eat wings because i get the heebie jeebies and it just feels gross to eat something while holding it's bones. i don't like bones. at least not embedded in the food im eating. so if i were to eat them i would either do that or just use a fork and get all the meat off so i don't have to worry about the bone.

  24. I found a discord there’s only like 21 people ironically on it now I’m even more convinced my previous accusations but what does it all mean?

  25. it talks about digital experiences so i suspect he helped with tøp's little event with roblox

  26. A neighbor's kid told me her teacher refused to let her go to the loo when she was 8. So she squat down in the classroom and peed. The teacher was pissed.

  27. this is the best lore meme i've ever seen. well done! :give_upvote:

  28. In my tired state, I read this as "the smell and the taste of the toilet" and I retched

  29. thank you. i still thought it was taste

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