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  1. we’ll i’ll be here to find out when they get locked

  2. At the current rate that will be first quarter of 2025.

  3. I can wait 2 years to have fuck you money. I’ve already been at this for 2 years. I’ll just be able to accumulate more shares. I’m committed to the end. I have recurring payments in CS. Set it and forget it

  4. Around first quarter 2024 is when we hit 74.1% of the total float locked. That is when shit gets spicy. And of course the farther they drive the price down the faster it gets bought up.

  5. IMO Fed will not be turning the printers on. I think they understand inflation isn’t transitory anymore, the new regime is 4-5% YoY inflation. Rates will likely stay high for years to come. We still have a long way to go before all this comes crumbling down.

  6. Nah, they are positioning the scapegoat. Anyone still bag holding anything but GME might want to sell now. After a major bank crashes the media will unleash "The 'conomy" and talk about how bad it is all the damn time(like in 2008) insuring a sustained crash. Then the rich(who all mostly have exited their positions) will scoop everything up for pennies, beg uncle dipshit sam for a bailout, then they steal all our tax dollars to prop up this absurd horseshit for the third time in a decade and a half.

  7. But hey, if this was talked about in the news in clear, understandable terms so the general public that is uninformed about and intimidated by finance could understand it, there would be a panic. Can't have a panic if you yourself have not yet shuffled close enough to the fire exit, wouldn't want to get stuck in the door with the proles, right?

  8. They are currently moving into the "let it crash and retail will bail us out" phase of the market manipulation cycle.

  9. Why would the sinking of the Titanic pave way for a New World Order?

  10. The Q nuts are just going full ham into a world of lizard people and endless conspiracies and only they can figure it out(with the help of a bunch of facebook groups and youtube videos that the government mysteriously just allows to spill all their carefully crafted world domination secrets).

  11. If you knew the truth you would laugh yourself silly!

  12. Oh I know the truth, they(as in the rich scum bags that actually run the world) are pretty transparent. They are motivated by greed and power and commit every gross atrocity you can think off all in the open because of the golden rule(those who have the gold make the rules). CREAM

  13. So a professional artist with a reference photo drew this because of his poor understanding of how the human body moves? Sounds like he’s missing a fundamental understanding for his job lol

  14. Have you not seen Rob Liefelds drawings? Dude was good at meeting deadlines and making cringe characters covered in pouches.

  15. Just wanna say that thousands of dudes are on steroids that don't look as good as Arnold in his prime. While he couldn't have looked the way he did without steroids, he also was especially talented at bodybuilding.

  16. Steroids are magic, but you still need to know how to cast the spell for maximum effectiveness. Arnold was in the gym 3+ hours a day(probably more) and a brick layer and had god tier genes. Combine them all and you get hella swole.

  17. Which is about 3X what the flu does on average per year IIRC.

  18. Counterargument: Ali, Seven Pounds, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend. Dude has range.

  19. Exactly. He has incredible range, was very charasismatic, shame he went all dumb and shit canned his career over some asshole who was cheating on him with a child.

  20. Went to costco, like $50 for two big ass boxes of candy bars.

  21. They are name brand, I got like 60 candy bars, thats less than $1 a bar! I usually spend $75-100 on candy anyway.

  22. Also known for their diplomatic politics and nonpartisanship lol

  23. Then of course they agree with the whole "killing everyone they disagree with" part. Probably a poster child for

  24. Not shortable and record low volume. Gunna be spicy tomorrow on a Tuesday morning 🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕

  25. This is what western men have fought and died for!

  26. So they announce a formal bankruptcy tomorrow?

  27. Malcolm Gladwell had a whole podcast about that. Rick Barry was the last guy to shoot free throws underhanded and he held the NBA record for highest career percentage for quite awhile.

  28. You need a coach to just tell the whole team to shoot them granny style and win the championship and tell the haters to suck it.

  29. Not just GME. They want us to sell EVERYTHING so they can pick up cheap stocks once it bottoms, and they're probably gonna short all the way down too.

  30. Yep, its all manipulation. They make money when prices go up or down, and they control the media narrative and the price.

  31. Serious question - who owns the new land that used to be lake?

  32. Depends on how your property lines were drawn, most extend into the middle of a lake(you own the land but not the water), but it depends on the lake/state.

  33. I just think about skinny kids on motorcycles robbing people and getting shot by off duty cops.

  34. Right? I picture everyone either a criminal or a cop, and they are at war in the streets.

  35. People say the same thing about Simpsons, but I once saw a counter argument; It just means the issues we had 20 years ago still haven’t been fixed 🤷‍♀️

  36. America has literally been ignoring and doubling down on problems since Nixon.

  37. You realize they have to deliver 20 million cars in the next 7 years to justify their current evaluation?

  38. At one point they were valued more than every other car maker on earth combined and only make LESS than 1% of the cars. But sure, Elon, the stock price is totally not a pump and dump supported by weird nerds and neckbeards.

  39. Shitty touchscreens and piss poor panel gaps?

  40. Good, fuck them. Offering pennies on the dollar for cars and then charging absolute top dollar for any car they sell.

  41. So a cult of fake nuns has thrown their support behind the cult leader of fake news.

  42. The problem with democracy is the dumbest person has the same voting power as the smartest person.

  43. Way too much fear mongering this weekend. Market is going to fucking rip on Monday.

  44. Nope, they are setting the groundwork for the market crash. The rich have all exited their positions and now it is time for retail to be the bag holders.

  45. Republicans spend all day making shit up, getting super mad about it, and blaming liberals for it.

  46. The thing is, the 3k sq ft house in rural South Dakota (in a town with a terrible economy that is hemorrhaging jobs) that my parents bought for $105k in 1984 is now selling (attempting to anyway) for nearly half a million dollars. Nobody who can afford that house wants to move to BFE SD, and nobody who lives there can afford that house. The house itself has barely changed since I grew up in it, so your theory is bullshit.

  47. In KC a lot of new houses are selling for $1mil+(all are over $400K+ new), most used houses are $250K+(unless you want to live where you WILL get stabbed). This is the fucking midwest, 500 miles from anything. I have no idea who is buying these houses but they have to be making $250K+ a year to afford them and jobs are not paying that. Its crazy.

  48. Yes, the modern IPA, tastes like pine tar and had 10,000X more effort spent on the cans brand/logo/name pun than on the actual "beer" crafting.

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