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  1. do you think they’ll ever take a prequel actor and carbonite their character so they can pop up in post RotJ/Sequel stuff?

  2. They wouldn't need to do that for post ROTJ, Mandoverse stuff. They'd need to do it for post TROS stuff.

  3. amazing how much they’ve done with a character who had just a handful of lines in ROTJ, but O’Reilly is doing a fantastic job. Glad she’s being given the opportunity after her cut scenes in Ep. III

  4. This has been playing on FX, Freeform and AMC before. This film is premiering on ABC.

  5. I remember the ad that HBO made for when Avatar was to play on their channel back in 2010. They used The Chemical Brothers’ “

  6. I’m betting good money that they plan to explore their other moons and/or introduce another alien race

  7. Yeah. Attractive women are Attractive is what my silly little point is. Keep naming them I'll agree.

  8. Johnson by all accounts ran a competent, well managed production that came in on time and within budget, while producing some of the best visuals in the franchise. I didn’t care for the direction the story went, but those first attributes will get you a ton of points with a studio.

  9. I bet if he got to make his SW trilogy, he’d knock it out of the park and even win some of the more jaded fans over

  10. Oh my god......I'm actually hyped for this now, just for all the hilarious 10 hour youtube rant videos it's gonna spawn.

  11. Thor 4 had the same issues as Guardians 2 and Avengers 2, where the humor and jokes were dialed up too high. It felt like Fiege/Marvel Committee was in the editing room with the directors, saying “more humor, more humor!”. But often have we heard about Love & Thunder’s original cut being whittled down?

  12. he probably wouldn’t even think of doing it without Del Toro

  13. With crossguards being a thing I how we can get one like

  14. Then block the account. You won't see it anymore.

  15. but the double edge sword with that is (despite all its problems) I still have the best movie discussions on reddit. I can get a new perspective on what I thought was a simple action movie, read a nice theory about Tesla’s role in The Prestige, and of course get some great recommendations. And a lot of those are discussions are had in OPs threads, since the account posts the majority of all entertainment news

  16. movie news being streamlined and put out by one designated account on top of other threads being taken down at random by the mods. Another commenter mentioned it being like a Sinclair situation

  17. Yeah I do remember. This sub is one of the worst subreddits. They remove movie related news but they let the racists,sexists comments stay.

  18. your comment got removed and I had a comment earlier today talking about the same issues and it got a surprising amount of downvotes. Guess that just confirms it

  19. The 3D visuals in the OG Avatar was worth the price of admission. If 2 is better than that, I'll gladly sit the three hour run time.

  20. besides, anytime a “best IMAX/3D/movie experience” thread pops up, Avatar is always mentioned

  21. I saw the rerelease in 4DX (3D, of course), and the flying scenes were dope as hell. Also, due to some 3D projection issues, they paused it about 45 minutes in, said they'll fix it, and gave us a free ticket each. Snagged an extra one when the guy put on the seat next to me.

  22. it’s funny that you had issues as we did, too. Took my dad to see the IMAX rerelease a couple months ago but the ticket usher handed everyone the wrong type of 3D glasses without knowing. Within 2 minutes, a dozen people got up to say something. A minute later, lights came on and usher handed out the proper glasses.

  23. how does that guy go home and have sex with his wife?!

  24. Joe’s Apartment is the first from MTV studios but Election is close

  25. now that’s a movie I haven’t thought about since the 90’s, holy shit

  26. this is out of left field but if it gets as darkly comical as the first, then I’m all for it. I hope they don’t hold back on the satire, they should get crazy with it.

  27. oddly enough, both trailers for the movie got me into Smashing Pumpkins and Muse

  28. I get that they obviously had to change a lot during shooting due to covid, but jeez, someone should have polished the script better. Hodge and Brosnan were amazing together, Rock was good as were the other 2 superheroes. But all the normal human characters, especially the kid, were just not good at all

  29. haven’t seen it in some time but my kid self was a but shocked to see Ford as a bad guy. I should give it a rewatch since I recall liking it the last time I did see it. Zemekis has been a weird, muddled streak lately, but I’d love to see him give the horror/thriller genre another crack

  30. I mentioned somewhere else that any movie with BIPOC or LGBTQ storylines always always garners a lot of anger/hate in comment threads. And yet there is little to no moderation of it and the articles will still stay up.

  31. Seriously, Hollywood has been releasing wildly historically inaccurate films for decades but THIS in the one

  32. exactly! Sure, any movie that presents itself as historically accurate is going to be subject to fact checking. But this sub just has a particular hate boner for TWK

  33. always wanted to try my hand at something like this. Do you have a recipe?

  34. This is pretty much identical to the recipe I used:

  35. Liam Neeson, especially in his later works, all his roles are (paraphrasing) “a certain man with a certain set of skills”

  36. this is why I’m excited to see him flex his comedy chops for the Naked Gun remake

  37. there’s no doubt that he and Sinbad looked to be enjoying themselves the whole time

  38. Preceded by: “How did I escape? With much difficulty”.

  39. Denzel just going out and mercing assholes for an hour and a half. It's great.

  40. I know most prefer the gritty first game but Watch Dogs 2 was such a wonderful breath of fresh air. It honestly might have my favorite open world setting for a game, the level of detail for NPCs is incredible

  41. Huh I was so aghast by WD1 I didn't give a shit about the sequel. I will trust you on this, will try WD2 this weekend. If it doesn't work out I will find you AND I WILL FORCE YOU TO PLAY BALAN WONDERWORLD.

  42. I just downloaded Cities: Skylines again, I’m already having a rough time

  43. I can’t wait for this movie to be a huge hit so redditors can be like “but no one was excited for it?” “I didn’t know anyone excited about it.” The usual stuff.

  44. The Chris Evans that is rumoured is his human torch character from the fox movies.

  45. he’s got like 4 or 5 comic book characters under his belt. Give me more Lucas Lee!

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