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  1. if you need a visual representation of what it should look like from a 3rd party's perspective

  2. Thank you. I watched that on repeat laughing my ass off.

  3. That is how I will now leave saying "disco disco bye bye bye"

  4. Always been tempted to get a falcon but am yet to pull the trigger! In your opinion, how are they for clenching?

  5. This is actually my first smoke with the Falcon as well. With my set up, it is a nice clencher. The meerschaum bowl is lighter than briar, the aluminum is lighter and I use a Softy-bit on the stem. So it is light weight compared to briar straight pipes, even as light as my Stanwell featherweight.

  6. I still don't get how anyone would think this is cool. Then again, I never understood wearing your pants below your butt.

  7. Not worth risking damage to your car or your life over $20 in products that don't belong to you. I was a retail manager and can understand taking theft personal, but you're fighting for a company that won't fight for you.

  8. At least he mounted it high enough to provide downforce. The mount itself and the car it is attached to is another story.

  9. As some have already said, since the stem is heavily oxidized, you will need to remove a layer of the oxidized vulcanite to get down to the black stem. I use the oxyclean method with progressive sanding from 400 grit up to 2500 grit. Then use three different polishing compounds on a buffing wheel to give it shine. This is a simplified description. Rubbing the stem with oil will not remove the oxidation. Obsidian oil is good to use AFTER the oxidation is removed to help prevent future oxidation.

  10. Captain black royal is a great cheap all day smoke. I usually keep a pouch of it on me always. It isn't a 4 or 5 star blend or anything but it certainly isn't offensive. Happy piping.

  11. Agreed. Captain Black Royal is a crowd pleaser on both sides of the pipe.

  12. You're putting together a nice look. Cheers!

  13. I was recently in the hospital to remove my appendix. The Pulmonary doctor came in to set me up on one of their CPAP machines while I stayed the night.

  14. Your house is English for now. Looks like the Swiss are sneaking in.

  15. The picture of the fence instead of the locomotive.

  16. There's that coin microscope to freak us out about aged tobacco.

  17. Wait, are you the guy who recently out bid me on ebay for that?

  18. I thought so. I was bidding on it even though the bowl is cracked because I acquired a few used bowls but no pipe. Don't feel bad though. I just won one on another auction.

  19. A piece of cake breaking away could happen on a pipe that someone pre-coated the bowl with honey. Also, you may have an excessive amount of cake. I've never heard of using a pick to clean a bowl but I can see a pick dislodging a chunk in that instance. You are much better off using a reaming tool. I personally leave just a very small layer of cake in the bowl. When it starts to get uneven, I do a light reaming to even it out. You don't want too much cake. Though it protects the briar from heat, too much can expand and crack the pipe.

  20. I’m happy with the results on the stummels, but the heavily oxidized Vulanite stems are still oxidized, just shinier. I used my fingernail to remove oxidation from the bit, then toothpaste over the entire stem, then the buffing wheels. The white diamond compound seems too fine to scrub off much of the oxidation. Perhaps if I had rouge (the next coarser grade).

  21. I have found that buffing well oxidized stems only gives you a shinny brown stem. You need to remove the oxidation with something like sandpaper and micromesh pads. Buffing will then give you the shine on your new black surface.

  22. Water injection exists on gas engines too. They used it on some fighter planes in WW2.

  23. Water injection was also used on Boeing 707 jet airliners to give them a boost at takeoff. That one of the reason you'll see so much smoke from the engines at takeoff. But technology evolved to where it was no longer a benefit.

  24. I would split the tip between them. 10% each. Let the business owner deal with the fall out.

  25. what is this nonsense? "You almost got us into an accident so I'm only going to give you a little extra money"

  26. I am not OK with it. I want companies to pay their employees at least minimum wage but the tipping scam has been a standard for so long, no companies/business owners pay their employees. Most of us feel compassion for the people in these situations, so we voluntarily pay the rest of our server's salary. It has gotten so out of hand the last few years that even people who are not in the service industry (server's like bar tenders and waiters) are asking for tips. I don't tip them. But it is hard to tell sometimes who should be tipped. The guild trip is crazy.

  27. The original stories are from a time when this was really happening. Steam engines were replaced en-masse with diesel engines, and the British railway system was cut to a tiny fraction of its former size by Richard Beeching.

  28. Yea, they aren't some strange society, they are just a railroad doing what railroads do. The messed up part is humanizing locomotives.

  29. Someone got a hold of an old JC Whitney catalog.

  30. It does seem odd to say it but yes. I just learned that unlike briar, you don't want Cake in a Cobb. By removing the cake, the Cobb can soak up the stuff it soaks up to make a cooler smoke. I'm just starting to do this so I don't know if it works yet but I'm willing to give it a try.

  31. Though the material smells like an ash tray, it creates a nice even bottom of the bowl.

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