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Rent is theft!

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Actor and comedian Stephen Fry’s answer when asked what he would say to God at the ‘Pearly Gates’

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  1. "I had this incredibly lucky thing happen to me so therefore other peoples problems aren't real"

  2. There was no luck involved. Zero help from anyone but my partner and myself. We were pregnant at the time and saved up basically all of our money and used first time home buyer program.

  3. No he gave him a choice. He's still a dick but he did in fact give him a choice.

  4. I mean "it's a choice", but his phrasing is meant to distract Morty. It's not really fair to say, "oh well Morty had a choice"

  5. It was a golden era for that type of politically incorrect humour, people weren’t as sensitive about the idea that teenage boys really want to have sex and will try just about anything to get it - an idea which should be inherently funny rather than demonised.

  6. Superbad I think is probably something that would/still does fly today. But that's because there's really only one "raunchy" main character and he's the asshole of the movie. Like it's essentially American Pie but told in a much more "realistic" way.

  7. People on this subreddit are under the impression there is a finite amount of posts allowed to be made. Crazy how they can't just ignore posts they don't care about, they feel the need to take action.

  8. There's something to be said about a community that is incredibly obsessed with efficiency, and yet wastes so much time and effort complaining about nothing.

  9. my mother does this and just makes negative comments about others like its normal and i just stay quiet hoping she gets the idea

  10. I guess a subtle one is them treating you differently in public vs how they treat you privately. These can both go either way.

  11. This is something that should stop after grade school. If someone is doing this in their 20s they're an absolute dogshit person

  12. I don’t know about others, but I don’t expect this adaptation to come close to the bar the animated show set. If the show is entertaining and doesn’t make me cringe a lot, I consider that as a success.

  13. If it's done even slightly better than the Cowboy Bebop live action show I'll be happy. That show was at least decent, well cast, and kept up with the original energy imo.

  14. I thought the main cast was actually pretty good.

  15. For iron, growing seaweed, sandstone quarry, and superglass make is a pretty easy method

  16. Funny enough I'm doing superglassmake on my main and am really surprised by how much money I'm getting and how also fast I've gone from lvl 60 to now 84.

  17. Right. It’s a totally pretend pro life stance. But you better believe when their daughter gets pregnant the year before she’s due to go to University they aren’t protesting against her for wanting an abortion.

  18. Yeah I can't zoom too far out when I'm in Kourend using HD

  19. Basically translates to: "I don't actively read the news and this hasn't shown up on my twitter/reddit/facebook feed"

  20. And apparently mash your potatoes with water

  21. I know we're shitting on OP, as we should, but you can reintroduce the starchy potato water with a bit more salt and they'll be decent. I mean I wouldn't serve them to anyone except a vegan or someone who's lactose intolerant though

  22. Actually the modern look of Jesus pre dates Leonardo by a lot. For the first couple centuries Jesus was painted in vastly different styles and looks. Then around the 2nd century art started to coalesce around the long hair goateed Jesus we see today. This representation of a long haired bearded Jesus likely comes from a Catholic relic, the Vale of Veronica or something similar. If this relic is supposed to be a true representation of Jesus than the church needed other art to match. Church representations of Jesus become much more uniform. I do not doubt the Da Vinci’s representation was influential in later depictions and some details maybe be borrowed from his renderings but the general depiction of a lightly bearded European looking man was already pretty steadfast by the time of Da Vinci’s painting.

  23. I don’t fuck with the Catholic Church but as a cultural Catholic I fuck with their iconography

  24. I don't think anyone has ever made the claim that the catholic church has bad art

  25. To add to Fry’s point I find it really annoying that someone has to ‘defend’ the position that they don’t believe in a higher power.

  26. I do agility with my achievement diary cape on then random holiday items. May not be as efficient, but it makes other people less efficient when they ask me wtf I'm doing

  27. Lol I used to agility with that giant stone goblin head and a 99 magic cape. None of the bots asked me what I was doing

  28. Left, but mostly because the quest guide told me. I didn't even realize there was a right. Also the door makes it less efficient to go right.

  29. Sometimes religion, sometimes they didn't have a choice, other times it's just fear of being alone

  30. Ya..... They changed the jokes if people didnt laugh. But nothing ever happens and people cant simply enjoy things

  31. Not a laugh track. It was filmed in front of a live studio crowd

  32. People often struggle to separate economic policy from governance. They think capitalism means democracy and communism means authoritarianism. I guess it doesn't help that the only major countries ever labeled communist were also massively authoritarian.

  33. Schools in the US are actually being designed like prisons to stop mass shootings

  34. Smithing or Fletching. Literally two of the most useless skills. At least fletching is easy to 99, but even then I 99'd it a few months ago and haven't touched it.

  35. This resembles a right wing talking point right now quite a lot. It's becoming popular to blame our gun violence problem on SSRIs and tranquilizers.

  36. Blaming the K-hole for gun violence is hilarious

  37. The data is misleading. 300 million antidepressant prescriptions is not 300 million people on antidepressants. Whoever wrote this is either too stupid to post data like this or they're deliberately trying to mislead people.

  38. Well they’re associating themselves with Marcus Aurelius, meaning they probably googled philosophy books but haven’t read a single one, and, as it seems, pretend to be some sort of wise philosophical entity which immediately throws up red flags that this person is an absolute narcissistic moron.

  39. Dwarven cuisine was mostly meat and potatoes. They were based off Scottish and Irish people and as such had similar "tastes" in food. Hobbits and little people were based off of the average, polite, personable average brit and a constant in such culture is tea, and small snacks along with beer, brandi and fun foods.

  40. Sad that little boys are hating. I think it's awesome that she is skating. You know that Tony Hawk would be compassionating.

  41. i mean, skating in skirt or shorts just looks painful

  42. I'm not good at skating and I prefer to wear pants, rolled up with high socks (because I'm going to be chopping my ankles and shins to their core). But, if it's really hot outside, I will opt for shorts just because skating is a fucking workout

  43. Trying to cash in on that life insurance policy with the preexisting heart condition huh?

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