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AITA For telling my husband that missing the birth of our first child is unforgivable

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  1. I can say this. I know a lot of morbidly obese people like her who didn’t get diabetes. HOWEVER….she has a family history so she should be extra cautious. The only reason I’m guessing she doesn’t is that the WLS clinic would have been quadruple checking on that, and she would have told it. However I could have sworn at one time she said she took metaphormin which is a diabetes drug.

  2. Months back someone asked her on a Q&A that if she did have diabetes, would she tell her audience, and she said probably not. So I think she definitely does and is just not telling us

  3. Hmm…if she does. She had better watch out with all that cellulitis and athletes feet. I have seen paper cuts not heal for weeks.

  4. Her father actually had his foot amputated because of it. You’d think that would scare her straight but nothing does

  5. There are people who know which WLS clinic she went to. All it would take is for someone to point them in the direction of her You Tube channel and they probably won’t want to be associated with her.

  6. I think some of that was going on right before the last subs got nuked, people found out what dr office ALR was going to and started contacting them. I agree that she’s not fooling them, she’ll dig her own hole just fine

  7. Asking honestly, why do people having psychotic breaks so frequently end up nude in public? Is it a panic/claustrophobic response?

  8. From my understanding people might either get physically hot while in a delusional/agitated state. Or they’re overstimulated and the clothing bothers them/they feel it on their skin and it’s too much

  9. The opioid addicts I have known do not look like he did. When using they become skeletal and hollow looking. No bloat or puffy fatness. That usually comes with a different drug.

  10. Thank for this trial is finally happening, Gannons family has waited a long time for justice

  11. I take 75 mg of seroquil (25 mg instance release, 50 mg extended release) and 200 mg lamictal and it works really well for me. The seroquil keeps me in check and the lamictal prevents full blown mania. I still run manic so I work 3 jobs, might as well burn off the hypomania making money. Dr wanted me on 400 mg seroquil but I take as low a dose as possible. I think in general, bipolar people are over medicated and personally, they tend to start people off with huge doses to get them under control, but I don’t want to be a zombie, I want to feel my emotions, and I can’t on the higher doses

  12. Professional cleaner here- most people don’t. I doubt alr does any real cleaning but I’m in peoples houses every day and dusting isn’t a regular thing for most people, I don’t dust my own place very often. That’s not to say people don’t dust, they do certain areas like common areas, but typically not the whole house. That said most people have jobs and responsibilities, unlike Amber, which is why they don’t dust, it’s not a huge priority. Our gorl has all the time in the world

  13. She once admitted to buying 10k worth of useless crystals, she should have a conservatorship placed on her

  14. Boone will probably be delayed since her now 6th lawyer has failed her tremendously and is probably still waiting on experts to form an opinion for her defense, which could take months. It’s frustrating because the longer she sits without proper council, the more I think they’ll offer her a plea deal, which she absolutely doesn’t deserve. Had her defense lawyers tried at all, this could have been brought to trial much sooner. Instead they’re scrambling at the last second, not meeting with her or returning her calls- she has every right to be pissed too. Her life is on the line and no matter how bad of a person she is/what she did, it’s not too much of her to ask for competent legal aid

  15. She's started a new channel on YouTube called Anne Elise diaries. The only one I watched or started to watch was her making French toast. I said to myself, what are you doing watching someone trying to cook? I'm never going near any of her channels again!

  16. Yeah it’s just getting ridiculous, feels like she’s trying to be a true crime influence. Literally making money off the stories of people who were brutally murdered- which a lot of crime YouTubers do. But they approach it with far more tact than she does

  17. Anyone else think the name is super lame? I like some of her videos but find her to be problematic at times, even if a lot of her videos are well done. Particularly with falsely accusing people and refusing to take those videos down, airing out peoples private issues and involving herself in police investigations/interviewing people who are considered Suspects. What do we all think?

  18. My best advice, put that in the bathtub with hot soapy water, spray the hell out of that area with some kind of disinfectant and let it soak. Since the liquid got in there in the first place, water should too

  19. I think evil is a little harsh. She’s still TA but wanting her husband to be there for the birth of their child is a normal request, I do think it’s unreasonable in this case. But evil? That I disagree with

  20. Yeah i mes. That’s true, don’t get me wrong, but he’s also an unapologetic pedophile that deserves to rot in prison, especially if you look into it/know the details of his crimes

  21. I love that she’s actually being called out in the comments again vs all the fake ass French support comments . Damn if they didn’t drop off fast too

  22. It’s legitimately disgusting how she takes actual terms like ptsd and uses them in a situation like twisting her fat ankle. She’s one of the most mentally fragile people I’ve ever seen tbh

  23. She's not a size 9 though - she's 5'2, and her max size would probably be a 7.5 at best. She says she's a 9 because her foot and ankool are so big, that it's the nearest thing that she can squeeze on - even in wide-wide styles.

  24. Idk I’m 5’2 and wear a size 9, I just got big feet though

  25. Not to play that game but I’m 5’10 and wear a size 7 like gorl…

  26. Tbf I’m 5’2 and wear a 9, some of us short gals just got bigass feet. Ambers feet are big because of how much fat is on them though, that’s the difference

  27. Can anyone here explain the rafe back story? I’m not familiar with her character arc

  28. She was either becky’s long time friend, or an ex of hers that remained a friend. I heard they dated but I can’t remember where.

  29. What happened between Justine and Narc alert? I’m lost with that whole situation

  30. I think ALR was in the comments/watching one of Justine’s streams (or narcs stream, can’t remember which one) and narc wanted to boot alr out of the chat, Justine didn’t and it led to a disagreement. To my knowledge neither of them have addressed it further since then though, not sure if they made up or what

  31. Justine addressed it in one of her members only live streams. She just said there was tension in the relationship prior to that incident and she felt like Narc is the kind of friend who gets angry at you all the time and it's exhausting to try to make her happy. Narc got upset when Justine couldn't make one of her live streams even though Justine had an MRI the next morning or something like. And one of Narcs recent live streams she said that Justine is always trying to give Amber advice as if she's going to help her to change and that seems to annoy Narc.

  32. this woman has had literal cancer i think that she will be fine drinking tab water

  33. Right I imagine the state of her organs is pretty bad at this point

  34. That was such a sh*tty thing for her to say when she abused Becky on camera for years.

  35. Yeah and that’s the stuff she was willing to film and put on YouTube, all monetized of course. One can only wonder what Becky went through off camera, and thank god for ALR that her ex is a good enough person not to post a tell all call out video about it. Becky wants to move on and live their life, and ALR hates that and wants to continue to drag her for it. I’m glad becky isn’t taking the bait

  36. No credible surgeon would touch her with a 10 foot pole. ALR is EXACTLY the type of person to get the surgery, do something stupid like pop her stitches and then try to sue

  37. When you lay it all out like this it just shows how ridiculous she’s being, which seems to be clear to everyone but herself for some reason

  38. It’s a morbid question but people ask the same thing on the Eugenia cooney threads all the time. I think it’ll go a lot like it did with Life by Jen, commentary channels might make a video expressing their surprise/emotions over it. ALR might even be painted as a “victim of her own mental illness” despite we all know she’s choosing this life. Either way community’s like this rely on content to run so I’d imagine they’d all eventually shut down

  39. That’s a tough one, voted Casey Anthony because of the list that was the only verdict that shocked me (and most other people), the others I guessed the outcome

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