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Reddit may force Apollo and third party clients to shutdown


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  1. "to protect my children" - yeah you need to protect them from you and people like you. The real vermin to modern society.

  2. I had so little hope for this game, but it's pulling me in like no game has in a long time. The first time I heard that voice again was the purest nostalgia high I've ever had. And the style choices, I'm sold. Loving it so far, and trying not to play through it too quickly so I can savour it.

  3. I never played the OG or Enhanced, so this is all new to me and since SciFi is my #1 genre, this is all levels of excellent I am finding too.

  4. Disable the setting for “APP Center Download & Install” in the UEFI.

  5. For those who don't want to sift through two articles to find the affected motherboards:

  6. BIOS updates fixing the issue have now been released. My Z690 Gaming-X has new BIOS v24a which specifically notes the fix found by Eclypsium.

  7. List of affected motherboards:

  8. Because things called desk fans and things exist :p

  9. Sniggered myself silly at that how unexpected lol.

  10. It's an API subscription, how much could it possibly cost? 20 million dollars?

  11. Not being able to browse cat posts effectively on mobile will be the downfall of Reddit.

  12. My point is that in this case you have no need for a performance boost which is precisely the case when you should use DLAA instead of DLSS.

  13. But DLAA doesn't do image reconstruction which DLSS does, that's why I like using it because typically you end up with more detail in distant areas because the AI learning model has reconstructed the detail that is even lost at native because of various reasons.

  14. You could use DLSS with DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) to achieve that effect. Benefits of dlaa is that it doesn't have the pitfalls of reconstruction either.

  15. Yeah DLDSR is what I do use in games that have Fullscreen presentation, windowed/borderless means I have to first change the desktop res to the DSR res which is just extra faff I cba with. Having a 4090, most games are perfect at 5160x2160.

  16. £35 in the UK , I'll probably buy this in 45 minutes when I get home from work

  17. Why are you being downvoted lmao? I get basically everything I can from cdkeys

  18. Because people on reddit often go hrrr sadly. cdkeys is a well known and legit store to buy game keys from, often for a lot less than on Steam, in this case a £10 saving. Downvotes don't bother me, had I not seen your comment then I'd have never checked or known as I never bother checking these trivial things. Those wanting a saving to put towards another purchase that they may not have otherwise bought can benefit from the accumulated savings this way too.

  19. I love how a MODDER can do what these cheap ass lazy fucking game companies can't do, when they have direct access to the source code and Nvidia is always reaching out to devs to try and help them implement these features in their game, and they still don't. Fuck any game company that puts out a modern title without these features.

  20. I went from a 3080 Ti to a 4090 and in this game using the same settings there's very little framerate uplift realistically, and there's basically zero change in fps turning on and off DLSS or fsr. The CPU optimisation is that bad.

  21. every time i give my number to people at service counters i think about this

  22. I'd say my old 2070 Super was beast level tbh. £470 when new and was capable of respectable ray tracing at 1440p with DLSS.

  23. He looks like a manlet, I expect no less from those guys. Hope she left him after that.

  24. I bet it would help to do exercises where you practice holding and manipulating your weight against gravity, using your arms, chest shoulders, and core to push your body up over and over with your hands on the ground. I wonder if soldiers do anything like that.

  25. I paid for 24GB of VRAM, I will use all 24GB if needs be!

  26. Also, the game has my favorite mapping feature can put a floating holographic pin to mark a location and type in a custom note for reminding yourself.

  27. Witcher 3/Next Gen I am looking at you and shaking my fist. So many custom markers placed of areas of interest to return to but by the time I got back to them I long forgot what I pinned those area for!

  28. What the headline doesn't tell you is you need to buy a new Asus Z690 mobo with the power slot featured. Assuming they actually release cards and boards using it eventually.

  29. GSync monitors were always capable of updating the firmware afaik, DellAlienware's monitors were a weird exception. my X35 released in 2019 is perfectly capable of firmware updates.

  30. Does that include Gsync ultimate though? Gsync and Gsync compatible are not the same as Gsync ultimate which has a dedicated hardware module that handles everything, and it's those that Nvidia locked down.

  31. Cool technology but who has a 1440p 360hz monitor?

  32. You have to buy one of the new monitors that meet these new requirements, existing monitors need not apply.

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