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  1. If one of the next 2 eps isn't a deep dive on this I'm just pulling my patreon and going back to being a listener. I swear to fucking Christ, if we get another 2 hours of Chad Zumock and nothing on this, this show is now meaningless.

  2. Don’t worry, I can hear Karl’s crooked boner from here

  3. He’s got a body like a ziplock bag full of milk

  4. Looks like SJ bailed mid transition, least his kid has the balls…

  5. Alright Major Blinky, I’m sold. Team SJ from here on out. Skkkkoooooollllllll!

  6. ‘He never stopped believing in himself, and he followed his dream to be where he is today.’

  7. I want to see Benni join the good guys. Come on over, Benni.

  8. We’re gonna need a bigger bus, these windows won’t lick themselves

  9. Fuck knows what’s happening here, but if you got a problem with the boys, then you’ve got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that one marinate

  10. Your right mate, it’s a Nissan C23. I have one, factory SR20de, but mine is converted to turbo

  11. To think I almost quit booze today.

  12. Watching that presser, chuck looks like he’s not even convinced of the shite he’s talking

  13. Wait til Peta sees this, she will be pissed

  14. I reckon Tony likes a good ol’ PeePee whack from Budget Phar Lap

  15. Dude I'm Australian. You can only stream the first 7 seasons of LK legally and not even a mention of Shoresy yet.

  16. Can’t get anything down here in Australia anymore, without paying for a cable service that doesn’t show every game. Ive ponied up for every year, simple to use, every game there, but now I can’t get that anymore. I’m positive the other 27 hockey fans in Australia aren’t paying to watch

  17. Found one of these last week, kids already claimed it and now it most likely, lives under the couch.

  18. Is the picture from the cover of Paul’s Christmas album? Holy fuck

  19. We’ll he’s got a head like a tow ball, someone else can work with that, I’m not creative enough

  20. Pack your shit mate, we need you gone in 24 hours

  21. Amazing what he is doing playing with competent players

  22. As an former qualified chef of nearly 15 years in the industry, that chicken was fucking horrendously under cooked, folks have been sacked for less. 3 more weeks till Australian’s wake up and hopefully sack this cunt

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