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One Piece: Chapter 1085

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  1. I want to know whether Imu is a man or woman.

  2. Does this confirm that Imu is a man?

  3. Kaidos right-hand man has made her very horny.

  4. She is hotter than Nami and Robin and would outshine them. Thats why Oda couldnt let her join.

  5. Nah it’s selected by the royals and by a committee. The OBE is the higher of the two, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Steve Davis both have them.

  6. Imu needs to be male to be the final boss.

  7. Its Zoro and Kaido who are in the same team and Garp and Akainu in the other.

  8. He calls Ronnie the GOAT in the text.

  9. Greatest Snooker player of all time and a magician on the table. Off the table he says some weird things in interviews sometimes but then there is a good side in him as well. Like giving opponents credit when they played well or consoling opponents like Ding after the Masters final 2007.

  10. I watched her recent youtube videos. She is so fat now.

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