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Punk Instagram Comments on Alvarez

A glowing commendation for all to see

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

A glittering stamp for a feel-good thing

Can't stop seeing stars

I'm catching the vibration

Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. ^Me before, during & after every match this season 🥺😒😭

  2. That homeboi in r soccer got Akanji sold eventually.

  3. Might as well pour vodka down Bert Krischner's mouth at that point.

  4. At this point Tottenham is Beaudrillardian hyperreality, the postmodern intermingling of representation and reality such that the two cannot be extricated, as Borges said, an empire so vast it cannot be represented by anything but a map the size of the world, the scale of one mile to one mile.

  5. Real dread is realizing that's this is the leaked ending of Metal Gear Spurs 6

  6. Lol I love how people just throw out shit like this and it gets upvoted.

  7. I was alluding to the top good guy cheating on partner part but can't argue with the heat 😅

  8. Hmm the last house show/live event they held there few years ago was super meh, so hope it's a PLE. This was before the tribal dawg era, so who knows might be better this time.


  10. The way Punk attacked Miz never sat right with me. By all accounts Miz is a bit of a good but there isn't a malicious bone in his body. Punk just went nuclear on him for what was the mildest of mild jabs on the crappy Fox show nobody watched.

  11. I know he's a pariah here so I'll try to gather the relevant quotes from the clip for those who don't wanna listen o/

  12. Not all of those are bad or anything to be miffed at. And even if they were, I wouldn't exactly trust Jim "Penelope Ford has seen more dicks than a urinal at MSG" Cornette to decide was is or isn't appropriate to say in public.

  13. Cornette is defo crass at times and very low brow and disrespectful with people he dismisses. He doesn't comes across as a malignant liar or fabricator though.

  14. I don’t think looking like an athlete matters all that much in the grand scheme of physical attraction. Not for everybody anyway. If he is actually this insecure and isn’t just joking, it would probably be more to do with the amount of time Dom spends with her and their success together rather than what he looks like.

  15. Looks and physical shape are the prob the least effective part of the package that makes men attractive. Confidence, Charisma, Talent & Self Ownership far outweigh it.

  16. Man keeps shootin himself in the foot.

  17. - Petition to officially ban Tony Khan's twitter meltdown threads?

  18. He is starting to lean into it for effect. He features on ESPN which in the US only really carries our cup games. The football Twitter crowd picked up on his first big rant, which I am sure gave ESPN a bit of traction for their otherwise uninspiring coverage.

  19. Whenever I watch the ESPN coverage it is usually some poor women stuck with Craig lol. No disrespect intended!

  20. Ahaha no sweat, that's poor Kay Murray and she does have quite a handful lot to deal with, from Craig to Steve and ofc Flirty Frank! 😂😅

  21. Something is happening, something is clicking in the last 5 minutes. Maybe I’m too optimistic but I just felt a light switch turned on. Not sure what it is. But it’s happening. Save this comment to come back to this very moment when I predicted things would finally change for the better.

  22. I feel you bro, higher and higher the Blues <3

  23. What does he gain from this "work"? It's obvious he just realised his comments were receiving a lot of backlash and instead of doubling down, he backed down

  24. Cool, a work that goes nowhere and does nothing for nobody but upsets and confuses a long time friend and causes issues for all sides

  25. Was so unnecessary and semi grifterish

  26. Testing Levy at their current stage would be delicious 🧐

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