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  1. And yet here we are...nipples still as strong as japanese steel

  2. i still play 'ghetto bird' ... always reminds me of the intro flyover in menace 2 society

  3. i cant say i tune in to aew for regal? i like him, but he's not my reason for tuning in

  4. Call the mall immediately and get footage. This is called assault. Go to police.

  5. I cared because if they quit without notice, take a guess who had to fill in sometimes....

  6. In the disclosure, it will say "to the best of my knowledge...."

  7. Almost sounds like "we want you in the office" bullshit

  8. My response to "hurry up" was always slowing the fuck down. Taking max time to do things, purposely screwing up, etc.

  9. Congrats. I'll say what was said to me on my last day:. "welcome to the rest of your life"

  10. I smile every time I read a post where someone is pissed off but was not entitled to the full amount and is having to pay it back.

  11. That's low. Hopefully it's not termination due to "job abandonment"

  12. Isn't this the guy who's abs disappear on show day?

  13. From what I recall they used to have a flat shipping rate based on country of destination. Now their shipping is based on weight....which really sucks.

  14. my mom had a habit of keeping old phonebooks. i remember several of these in the house until not to long ago

  15. where i was, it was more about "how many calls did you get through"

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