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  1. This season is a literal joke. I deleted the app. The outfits aren’t good, the hair choices are atrocious. It’s awful

  2. Phone wallets will be your best friend. Wear a tank top maybe so you can put a shirt you get from merch on top of it. I try not to carry too many things. But if this is for waiting in line. No one will steal your spot

  3. Uh, hello… Dana is absolutely garbage also. She is running in telling MC not to forgive Suresh because he is bad news but is actively trying to pursue him all while hiding it from MC. Then when found out is all like, “oh okay busted I want him. Don’t worry about it though because I am also super interested in you too.” Then let’s not forget she is coupled with Eddie but won’t tell him she doesn’t want to be with him because you know she can’t lose your backup option. Yeah, only reason she isn’t leader of the garbage people is because King Suresh is there.

  4. All of these people are such trash! Like I want to have at least one friend and Kate can’t even do that with her Gemini energy

  5. I’ve been through a lot emotionally because of an ex and I don’t want to experience again through a game. I feel like I’m gonna cry all over again

  6. Many people think. But also I’ve seen many people get offended when someone says he’s trolling us because that would mean he’s lying to his fans. You never know. I honestly don’t think anything about all of this haha

  7. Lmao all I was saying was that this interaction wasn’t real

  8. It is sadly a mirage. I used Blender to render the dinosaur and get the perspective right. Then I brought it into Gimp to bring it all together

  9. No. There isn’t even a choice to take the money and run or not. You just win

  10. Seriously! The thing that makes Love Island LOVE ISLAND isn’t even there!! That makes zero sense

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