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  1. Part of me wanted to go and get one tomorrow (I’m a sucker for reusable cups as I’m aiming for that lower waste life style) but I realized I’m kidding myself cause I won’t get up til 10am

  2. I’ve gotten bitten a handful of times while separating my dog from friends dogs when we found out she had food aggression towards dogs. It sucks that really the only way to find that out is when they lash out at another dog. But I just keep in mind that she’s just trying to bite anything out of a natural instinct to defend herself, and I learned how to mediate her surroundings, maybe try explaining that to your mom? I don’t mind the scars she gave me, even the dimple in my thigh now. It just happens.

  3. Being super hyped for my first con and selling only 2 small prints, took a couple days to get my confidence back haha

  4. I once served an extra hot hot chocolate at Dunkin, a little bit spilt and burnt my hand. I didn’t say anything but he picked it up, felt it and was like “can you make this hotter?” And I was like, sir I literally just burnt myself. No.

  5. I love her early work, like 2015-2017. While her art is still good, they all look rushed to me. And they’re all blurry for some reason, and it bugs out my eyes haha Also I’m a huge fan of exaggerating proportions but it’s getting a little excessive sometimes. I feel for her. She’s very successful but that success comes from constantly making art, she doesn’t get time off really and I’m sure she feels pressure to deliver sexy art weekly (or however often her Patreon rewards come I have no clue). I think this is what makes her art feel kind of soulless now.

  6. I tried to find a Starbucks reserve in Phoenix AZ, and there’s a lot that says “Starbucks featuring reserve”, are those reserve stores?

  7. the dog is high and has no idea what is happening therefore it can get extremely anxious and distressed even if it appears calm on the outside. huge nope. the effects of thc in dogs hasn't been studied well enough to know if there's any benefits either.

  8. That’s what I was thinking, I’m telling you this girl acts like she’s a professional dog whisperer half the time.

  9. If you're not confident in doing it yourself, yes you would need a licensed plumber. They would need to know where you want your new tub/shower located, the size and rough location of the controls. Any decent plumber knows what it would take to get the pipes where they need to go.

  10. Okay! And I do need to replace some of the dry wall, should I do that after the plumber or before?

  11. Thank you for such a straight forward answer, I appreciate it! I mostly wanted to double check before looking like a fool

  12. It has to be a glob enough to suffocate. If it’s a small tumor and you try to pull it, you could cause the lymphoma cells to be absorbed into the blood. Because it’s a bit veiny I’m thinking tumor.

  13. How long should I keep it covered? His fur is so thick that with the vaseline I can’t see it

  14. Thats not weird at all. I found a lock of my mom's hair stuck to one of her shirt after she passed and I kept it... its some part of her. I know how you feel

  15. My mom didn’t really have hair when she passed so the thought didn’t even cross my mind. I guess when I get older or sick I’ll cut and braid my hair for my future kids haha, they’ll definitely find it weird but I think a year in they’ll understand

  16. I’m a 26yo male so your experience may vary from mine, but I’m on Zoloft and I am able to drink an okay amount. I rarely drink, it’s pretty spread out over events like you are describing, but I’ve been able to get a decent buzz without getting sick. I’d probably wait a little and stick to the MJ this Halloween if that’s an option, but you should be fine for a beer or two, or a shot or two. Just spread it out & drink water!!!

  17. Ooh can you smoke while on this? Online it said you couldn’t, but I can’t imagine how MJ would cause anything too bad other than drowsiness

  18. I’ve only done it alone but when my boyfriend visits I’m so glad I didn’t have to train her with him

  19. I thought it had the dumbest characters I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. I didn’t really enjoy it, to be honest haha. I know horror movies have dumb characters but when it gets to the point that it’s annoying.

  20. Can you explain where Catprint is giving you trouble? I've found that their upload feature will sometimes fail if my files are too big or I'm trying to upload a bunch all at once. They aren't over the size limit, but it times out before they can finish uploading. Limiting to 300dpi and only uploading a couple at a time seems to always fix it.

  21. I think I may have 600 dpi so maybe that’s my issue… but I tried PDF files, 5-18 MB depending on the size, and also JPEGs which we’re smaller. Next I’m gonna try PNG but I had to step away from it for a second. It would just sit at 5% for a while before saying “upload failed”

  22. Sounds like it's the same trouble it's given me in the past. Your file sizes aren't that big, most of the ones I've uploaded recently are around 20mb jpegs. Still only one or two at a time though.

  23. I’m having trouble figuring out fedexs online ordering, would it be a poster or a photo print? I may just go in, cause I see no options online for just paper. They’re all metal, acrylic and stuff.

  24. Sorry for you loss. Praying for you. As for you are you saved by believing Jesus died and rose again for your sins?

  25. I think so, I’m new to this. But I’ve fully accepted Jesus into my heart and believe in Him completely, and I’m starting to read the Bible. I’m working on repenting for my sins and fighting my sins, but I slip up sometimes. But I feel like He’s giving me the strength to heal myself and do better.

  26. I’m getting along alright, I have an app that I can listen to it while getting ready in the morning. I’m looking into buying one to take notes in too as suggested by other people.

  27. So for my first small convention, which is similar to what you're describing, we went about 50/50 cash and card payment wise. I had ordered a square reade already for a few bucks on Amazon and then realized I could get a free one as well. (Backup lol, I lose everything at least once.)

  28. How did you get the free one? I signed up on the square app today and it gave me the option to purchase one. I think I will get it, but if there’s a way to get a free one then I’ll go for it.

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