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  1. I was told it was abusive and cruel to own a border collie unless I literally owned sheep or cattle, so I would say you can own a working dog without them performing what they were bred to do.

  2. If people say stuff like that on this sub, report them.

  3. Will do, it happened like 3 months ago and I deleted my post pretty quickly cause the negative feedback

  4. That can’t taste good. Like anything over the recommended amount of pumps starts to taste like cough medicine

  5. I would let her free in one room at a time if at all possible. Like every few weeks of reliable behavior, He gains access to another room

  6. Not an option unfortunately. We live in rural Arizona, so the climate and wildlife is pretty unforgiving

  7. Sounds like my asexual, maybe a romantic, boyfriend. except I knew since day one of our relationship that he is asexual. We’ve had sex maybe 5 times in the year we’ve been together. Maybe have this discussion with him?

  8. Give yourself time. Last year my mom died at 51, I was 20. While it wasn’t sudden, there was four years of “lead up” with her battle with cancer, it felt sudden when the moment came.

  9. wow congrats! :D that’s amazing! i like making myself some cute little sandwiches and going to the park, or sketching paintings in museums, or simply putting on some headphones and jamming out for an hour or two. playing video games, going to dance classes (i do this alone sometimes, it’s quite fun if you dont find that too scary or anything), watching a movie…you can lmk if any of these sound interesting and i can come up with more similar ones if u want :> hope u enjoy your day!

  10. When I trained my puppy I placed her a few steps up and physically moved her front paws up the stair steps so she’d figure it out

  11. Worrying about your puppy dying is no different from worrying about any other horrible things that could happen. If this keeps being a problem for you that affects your life in a significant way, I would suggest that you seek professional help, not because you're sick but because it could make your life better. I am a worrier and have always been, although about different things. The important thing is to accept that the things you fear actually can happen without having your mind completely consumed by them. Assuring yourself that everything is fine can actually be counterproductive. What helped me was cognitive behavioral therapy to help me learn to stop fighting my intrusive anxious thoughts so much.

  12. Half a cup of sweet cream?? Sounds sickly thick and sweet

  13. I wanted a puppy because I have cats, and never had a dog so I wanted the cats to have time to establish their “pecking order” before there was a big size difference. Mostly my worry was for my disabled cat who can’t jump to escape a dog.

  14. Boba pearls and olives. Boba pearls have crazy amount of calories, I think it’s like 5 per ball?? And I used to down olives like pickles but they’re also 5 calories per olive!

  15. I looked over at another girls fitness paper in middle school that showed out measurements, and she was 97.5 lbs. so that was my goal, and I still really like that number.

  16. I had to reserve my puppy before meeting them and there was 1 male and 1 female. The female was a runt and has the cutest white nose, and I prefer female dogs so my decision was easy lol

  17. My partners all found out when we either slept together or went swimming. Pay attention to their reactions, it’s very telling.

  18. I potty trained by saying “go potty” multiple times super excitedly while she went and then after she went I would say “good potty!” and make her go crazy with excitement while feeding her treats. She picked up “go potty” within a few days and since then I’ve been able to tell her to go potty and she’ll relieve herself however she needs to within a minute.

  19. It was always fun when my neighbors at my apartment complex heard me saying “good potty!!” At 2am lol

  20. Times that stuck out to me was the time my mom asked “are you sticking out your stomach? You look pregnant” when I was 13 in Walmart with her. That shirt puffed out weirdly and made me look fat, and also I was going through puberty and wow weight gain happens.

  21. Fiadh is 3 1/2 months old and she comes when I call her 75% of the time! We’re working on heel, and some other things. Sometimes I feel so behind cause dog trainers on YouTube have their dogs like fully trained after their first month of having them.

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