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Co-Op Code Mega Thread - June 28, 2021

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  1. Elite The Classic (chocolate) carry - aimbot 4 spots left, nearly done.

  2. That's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

  3. The endless flow of oddly specific cat subs continues to expand.

  4. Can I save a (unequipped) rocket radar for later, then use it during another shadow event? Or, does the radar, now that it's in my bag, always get me Giovanni with a shadow Registeel once I equip it?

  5. You can save it for later and it will provide the boss Pokémon at that point in time, you are not locked in to what was available when you earned the radar.

  6. I followed this recipe and it was surprisingly easy and turned out great:

  7. That was so beautiful and heartbreaking. I was not prepared for this episode.

  8. What did you do to hit that last 1 xp? I remember when I hit 40 it was because I caught a pidgey.

  9. Here is my batch from today. Nothing too spectacular and no birds.

  10. Thanks! It was three hours in the sous vide at 135 then browned in a skillet.

  11. No, squash. I was just tossing in all the veggies left in the fridge. :)

  12. Those things are terrible. I ordered a few different ones to see about making it a bit easier to buckle my daughter into her booster seat as the buckle sits really low and is a pita to get to. I took one apart and found that there is only enough metal inside to click and hold the belt in place. There is no way it would ever hold any kind of weight in an accident.

  13. We found a product called buckle buddy that is a little rubber square that wraps around the buckle to keep it from falling deep into the seat gap and that worked great for us.

  14. close the water-- to his 2 4 year old kids.... Like his wife knows how to do it either...

  15. If you pick it up at the music intensifies you’re in trouble.

  16. That's cute. Love the trill. How old is Molly, OP?

  17. This is just so wholesome and healing 😌😌😌

  18. It never ceases to amaze me that there is a sub for every possible cat scenario.

  19. Hahaha he’s super cute. I’ve given up on fancy ribbons and other fancy wrapping because of my orange boy a long time ago!!.

  20. For sure! We keep the wrapped gifts caged up under the tree because not only does Molly here try to eat them but our dogs do too.

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