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  1. I love the line “we can’t change her name she’s due in 5 weeks.” My parents were set on a name and decided after I was born to change it. There’s legit no good reason it has to stay the same I even think you have like a year after birth to change a child’s name free of charge or cheaper or something. Which I am thankful for because I would have been Karen.

  2. I’m so glad you found something but I would really consider not buying them from Amazon. Amazon has had issues with counterfeit meds/food/makeup recently. You can buy AZO bladder control directly from AZO, target, and most pharmacies. Just something to think about I would hate you to get a counterfeit bottle and be back where you were.

  3. My favorite is the “breast is best!” crowd.

  4. I went through this, I just went with “uh? Yes?” And a confused look. She’ll realize it was a dumb thing to point out. I was super tomboy never wore anything fancy, very insecure until I was like 19. So it happened to me a lot. People got over it after I made them feel stupid for pointing it out.

  5. What is the pic on the left from? It looks so familiar but I can’t place it.

  6. Isn't stuff like that covered by the city when that happens on duty?

  7. Obviously it’s fiction but irl I can’t imagine it going over well that they tried on dresses while on duty.

  8. Weren't they on break though and only responded because they were there?

  9. I like her but some of her questions are too clueless that they kinda disrupt the flow of the conversation... like her asking what the economy is

  10. I thought she asked that as a joke until Matt seriously answered and then I was like oh baby no.

  11. I had a lab that would do the same thing as Birdie every time she was around other dogs. We called it “Crumb Watch” and would start narrating like news reporters.

  12. And neighbors with the ultra rich. I live like five minutes from a legit mansions in one direction and in the other neighborhoods of multiple probably should be condemned but still have people living in them houses.

  13. I have two small boxes, one is receipts for things like clothing that I haven’t tried on just yet or something that I could return soonish. The other is for big ticket items; my tv, snow gear, appliances, things that have warranties and if I return is because it broke too soon or whatever. Once the first one gets full I go through it and toss what I no longer need anymore. The second box has never filled up lol. Although the first one hasn’t filled up since pre covid because I always choose emailed receipts so I’m only keeping receipts from small stores that don’t have that option.

  14. I mean, I don’t think anyone likes making appointments? Like as a woman who lives alone, I don’t actually enjoy calling my dentist to make an appointment, it just has to happen. And women with families do it because someone has to and it sadly generally falls on the mom. But everyone is ehhh about appointments.

  15. What do you mean? The W on my license means I love making appointments. Like what do you do for fun?

  16. When she spoke to Monica about how she should make the first move to make up with Rachel when they were fighting as Rachel was packing, because she has to move and it’s harder for her.

  17. Every time I watch that scene I’m like damn could imagine if Rachel was ecstatic she wasn’t pregnant and then she had to tell her she actually was. Obviously it’s a written sitcom so it couldn’t happen that way but I have some dumb friends I could see attempting that and having it backfire spectacularly.

  18. I would add eyebrows, it would make the face pop more.

  19. Im getting just about a year per journal which is ideal for me. I don’t use it to traditional journal so it’s more a schedule/agenda. Each month is cover page, calendar, a week for each Wednesday in the month and then anything extra like a packing list or a present list in December.

  20. You're right. Since that must make him Condom Boy on his birth certificate, he can't possibly be Frank Jr

  21. My personal head canon is that Condom “Frank Jr.” Boy Buffay is the son of Crap Bag.

  22. Ok, then it's my "head cannon" that Joey is the son of Monica and Ross, who aren't really brother and sister, and that Rachel and Phoebe are Richard's mothers.

  23. And I will defend your right to think that to anyone who tells you it’s weird as fuck. Also it’s one comment on one post not the basis of this entire sub go read any other post if it bugs you this bad.

  24. I wish I had this much forethought to baths. Normally it’s just oh yes I have time to enjoy a bath right now.

  25. Another sitcom conflict that could have been avoided by being a human and using words “hey Rach, I’m honestly really tired and I want to give my full attention to reading this. So I am going to go to bed and pick this up in a little.”

  26. I said this to say this to my elderly dog all the time when she went through a phase where she cried at anything and everything. No one ever figured out it was a friends reference lol.

  27. For everyone concerned with his drink in hand, this is my thought coupled with the 911 calls:

  28. Paul has probably gone through trainings for this. I don’t know for sure but it would make sense for high level government officials families to. I vaguely remember something about the royal family being trained on how to act if you are kidnapped for ransom.

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