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  1. Looks like a guide as pointed out by one of the other readers.., lack of it break the adjustment tension I suspect.

  2. If there is no more food for Ontario it wont be because the greenbelt is gone. 86% of our food is imported (80% of our fruits and veggies).

  3. Lol i liked the typo. Are we able to deport the 86% of Ford we imported?

  4. If their front brakes fade or leak on the ride, what then?

  5. That can happen to anyone for any brakes. Do you worry about your perfectly good brakes when you go for a ride? If there is no indication the other one is worrisome, and there is no evidence to the contrary, then why worry?

  6. You nevervl wondered why vehicles have a brake for each wheel?

  7. I don't get how what you're saying is disputing what I'm saying.

  8. This is one of those things so many people believe that is just not true. Businesses do not get any sort of tax write off from donations they get from their customers. It just doesn't work like that.

  9. Can you point me to the tax law that forbids corporations from using the donations as part of their tax scheme. From what I inderstand, it's an ethics issue, not a legal one and dependant on how it's positioned.

  10. I like to refer to him as Sam Oofterhauss or just a piece of shit.

  11. If they were from Bell, they would know exactly what you have already.

  12. The OP is probably with Rogers. That's what I got from the post.

  13. Confusing perspective. Looks like dude has a super short calf and the woman is twisting her ankle.

  14. Isn’t it bonkers that if you said you enjoy a flavor, people think you’re weird, but if you tell them you believe in some sort of universal karmic energy that somehow records your actions to use in determining your life’s outcome at some later random moment, people are okay with that?!

  15. On one hand you enjoy a weird flavor so you're weird. On the other hand if you believe in that other mumbo jumbo then you're still weird but almost too weird and people would rather just think "what a nutter" in their head than engage.

  16. The house was so close to being finished, if the family was just being a pain in the butt why wouldn't HFH just put up with it for another month or two and get it over with. It must have escalated beyond closet sizes and propane vendors or something else happened that made them ineligible for the home.

  17. He probably used some very strong language. That usually puts a halt to cooperative measures.

  18. Why do you even have a bike if you're not pro? Just stop peddling bro. Jfc this is the stupidest shit.

  19. Not all drop bars are created equal.. did you buy something that's too small for you or with some really aggressive drop? I love drop bars, but I tend to ride touring bikes, commuter bikes, endurance and gravel bikes... all with taller head tubes, higher bar positions, etc. There isn't a major drop from saddle to the top of the bars and I mostly ride in the hoods, not the drops or hooks. Are you riding on the hoods? I spend 95% of my time there.

  20. I think most casual riders ride on the hoods the majority of the time. I just find it the most comfortable position overall.

  21. I just went and gently stroked my brand new Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2 and saw this thread. Time to go look at it again..brb.

  22. World Domination. A friend of mine lost my Tits CD. Damn that was a good CD, too. Introduced a lot of my friends to Jungle

  23. First, the Emonda isn't an aero bike, it's a race bike that has aero features. The Madone is Trek's aero bike.

  24. Cube and Merida bikes are lovely. But if OP lives in the US getting his hands on one will be hard. If I wasn't riding my Winspace I'd ride a Cube or Merida 100%

  25. Can't you buy a Cube from and have it shipped? I know Merida won't sell it to anyone in the US, probably includes Canada as well as I've never seen one anywhere but I have seen Cube's.

  26. Are you sure it's not your hoses rubbing against each other or against the entry hole for the internal routing?

  27. They may call it the city that never sleeps, but it takes a lot of fuckin' weed naps.

  28. You say there are conspiracy theories, but don't say what you think they are or do any fact-checking yourself. Can I ask you to say what you think the conspiracy theories are? That way you could have the debates you want.

  29. Bold of you to assume this person, if not a troll bot, actually wants a debate.

  30. Sometimes it's n-1 that allows for n+1 to take place. Or at least that's the conditions that work in my home.

  31. This is going about as well as I expected. 🍿

  32. That’s what I was thinking. Perhaps FSD is so advanced that the car attained sentience and tried to rid the world of Tim Pool.

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