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  1. spain/portugal, the other two will be edging into winter and the weather will not be as good.

  2. Any suggestions for South America? I’m sensitive to altitude- otherwise Peru would be a great choice

  3. ecuador with galapagos or uruguay/argentina/chile if you want to keep it more urban


  5. If you have a criminal conviction in any country, apply for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) instead. If you arrive in Australia on an eVisitor with a criminal conviction, you might be refused entry.

  6. You can either take the risk or apply for the 600 visa to be sure you will be admitted

  7. deep 6 eddy, hollis f1 LT, dive rite XT

  8. the outrigger is only the most convenient if the manta rays are showing up off the point there and you are looking to swim in from shore. they move between the 3 hotspots though with the other 2 being further north at the old airport and the mauna kea.

  9. Thank you for your insight, with that said, what would be your recommendation?

  10. if you want to do some unguided stuff, get a cheaper hotel and a rental car

  11. kinking the hose will slow the gas loss for a freeflow if you cant reach the valve until you get to somewhere with more room. else just switch to your necklace backup if your primary has failed shut.

  12. Yeah, I've heard from someone who asked a person at Gordon & MacPhail why they don't drop the chill filtration and the response was "why change an award winning formula?" I guess that makes it abundantly clear that improvement and innovation aren't on the agenda, and that it's a sort of legacy thing to keep doing it the way it's been done; whether out of habit or to avoid the hassle of disrupting the process as you say. But that old school thought is starting to die out with the new distilleries that's being established or taken over by new management, so we'll see in the coming decades which survives.

  13. You could make the same argument for spring bank too though. They don't expand so they don't have to change their process.

  14. Yeah that's true but luckily change isn't necessary from the position they're in now regarding the quality of their output. If they were to expand significantly, I think that would have an impact on what they produce. So while I lament that their whiskies are not more available to me, I respect that the owners aren't interested in expanding the distillery and are just happy to sell what they have and even to "underproduce". They do have plans to open more distilleries in Camobeltown in the future though, so that would be nice.

  15. glengyle still isn't run at capacity yet, the bottleneck is not having another distillery

  16. I hear you. I've been in for over a decade and have tried school time and time again using TA and always end up dropping out during the 100% refund period. I just can't do it.

  17. Look into trade schools if you are the hands on type. Welding, HVAC, electrician, even commercial diving

  18. Don't need both octo-z and r195 alternate. Don't need depth gauge with dive computer. 600 is expensive for a 5mm. Owning nitrox analyzer not necessary for most unless you do your own blending. Don't get split fins. A lot of accessories just marked up in general. Waste of money to buy aluminum 80s new.

  19. I haven't checked lately but for some reason there is no CARB approved 3rd party CAT for the Prius. That is why it is a target.

  20. Nah, it is that Prius cats are worth more and easy to reach under the vehicle. A lot of cars after 2015 got redesigned to use smaller cats up in the engine bay that are much more difficult to reach, but not the ones that get targeted.

  21. Can you test it that the bladder doesn't leak?

  22. Oxygen provider or a tech card, not rescue

  23. Mk16 g250 is functionally similar to the mk17 g260 as long as you aren't doing very cold dives below 42f/5c so you could use it. The conshelf if paired with a balanced second is in the same situation, could be used albeit older and not ideal. Neither has fifth port or turret for better hose routing.

  24. there is a chance they may deny entry if ICE thinks there is a likelihood this trip is an end run around the K1 process for you two to get hitched

  25. Hmm, she does have a return ticket so I think it would be unjust for them to make that assumption. But then again, that's just what I think. I guess I'm just looking for concrete answers that won't be apparent until she gets here 😅

  26. if she has already paid tuition for the next semester or year to finish her degree in Japan, that would be helpful to bring documentation.

  27. transfer to air canada and book award flight there

  28. I've heard some horror stories lately regarding Air Canada. Any idea if they truly suck that bad?

  29. only been on them once for a trip to europe with a stop in toronto, just mentioned the option as they usually have 120k awards vs 175k for united

  30. plaza lounge near gate 35 is an overnight lounge, they also have private rooms with an extended length stay option.

  31. for a grey market import from europe, be aware a warranty issue may have to go through the original shop you buy it from, you don't get the free parts program, and you may get hit with import fees depending on how they ship it to you.

  32. OP was considering ordering apeks from europe in their edit

  33. Is it wrong that I’m hoping the entire system fails and we scratch whatever horseshit this is and come up with something new, teacher lead, and so much better?

  34. it was supposed to be self driven, remote learning was the future. turns out it didn't work.

  35. Absolutely and even a dive flag isn't enough because of clueless boaters that don't recognize them or keep the appropriate distance.

  36. Depends how nicely you asked. If it wasn't accusatory like you thought I wasn't fit to dive, I would state I don't have it, ask why you think it would be a necessity, and encourage you to find a new buddy if you kept insisting it was a requirement.

  37. What's the advantage of the rescueME over the ACR?

  38. Smaller and slightly cheaper. Makes it easier to use an old dive light or camera housing instead of buying a canister.

  39. ykk makes many different types of zippers, check the TPI of the zipper and width whether it is the right type for a wetsuit before you blame ykk. it wouldn't be their fault if a manufacturer put the wrong type on a wetsuit.

  40. the AI resorts I have stayed all have offered activities and excursions. you don't have to just sit on a lounger by the pool unless if you want to.

  41. Very important, while it is not required most of the time, you might need to fight your way back a boat in rough waters. Also, it is very relevant for unexpected situations, you might surface far away from the boat and they might not be able to get you, moreover tou will be in boats most of the time and swimming comes very handy in an emergency.

  42. even then, you have your fins. you aren't freestyle stroking back to shore.

  43. if you don't plan to dive locally, just get your personal gear and a dive computer.

  44. apeks is the standard, but hog or deep 6 is more bang for the buck. if you can wait till black friday, they both usually run some sales then.

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