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Jon Stewart eviscerating this pro-gun idiot

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[OC] Young adults are leading the mass exodus from Christianity in the US

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  1. They’re both anonymized? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. To be labeled as "woke" in a derogatory sense is to engage in virtue signaling. This involves conspicuously displaying one's awareness and attentiveness to political issues, social and racial justice matters, among other concerns, without taking effective action.

  3. I don't see the mass killings every single week over there so yeah seems to work great.

  4. Quick, someone hook Australia up to Central America and see if this stat changes.

  5. South american here, my country also doesn't have more mass shooting than days of the year, but thanks for thinking of latinos as a whole as just being a bunch of criminals and killers

  6. Is that your takeaway from my statement?

  7. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The US government cannot simply create money without repercussions. The expenses for debt forgiveness will ultimately be borne by American taxpayers in the form of inflation or higher taxes, which could be triple the cost of forgiveness.

  8. While I cannot speak on behalf of everyone, I personally diverged from religion due to the increasing greed for money within the church, coupled with a lack of focus on values. It is possible that this issue has become more noticeable with the emergence of Mega Churches and the luxurious lifestyles of certain priests. These occurrences caused me to scrutinize those who were more closely affiliated with my life. Many of the religious guidelines, particularly those concerning abstinence, appear to be geared towards creating a future generation of church donors. The church's actions are evidently motivated by money and influence what they are willing to overlook or accept. If a person is a significant financial contributor, priests and reverends make excuses to justify their unsavory behavior, disregarding their past and proclaiming them a good child of God.

  9. We knew a family who wanted to adopt a child and was looking for money on Facebook and in most cases we would have donated them the funds for this, but they had just weeks before paid over $50k for a brand new loaded deck, and that year taken multiple $$$ family vacations. It drives me nuts seeing people not get their priorities straight and expect other hard working families to give them free money for things they should have saved for rather than luxuries.

  10. Recently, there was a situation where a couple that I know was planning to get married within the next year, but their dog had swallowed a tennis ball and required urgent surgery. In order to pay for the surgery, they had to use the money they had set aside for their honeymoon. However, they still went ahead and posted a GoFundMe link on Facebook, asking for donations to cover the cost of their pet's surgery, even though it had already taken place. They felt that it was unjust that they were faced with this unexpected financial burden and that it would now prevent them from having the dream honeymoon they had planned.

  11. Child of any age can possess a firearm* while under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

  12. Is something wrong with her forehead? She has 3 of them.

  13. Woman’s forehead is so big she could smoke a cigarette out in a rainstorm.

  14. They provide shitty value, have garbage admissions standards and have administrations involved in constant embezzlement crises.

  15. I feel for the kids that get suckered into these schools. They’re clearly not getting the same level of education or instruction as most state schools. The few recent graduates I work with a great people, but have a hard time spelling, typing, or using excel. They have not been taught to critically think, and anything that doesn’t have a repetitive answer (and requires problem solving) they are unable to do. Constant hand holding is required to foster those principles that the corrupt universities should have instilled on them during their time there.

  16. Not like we have a large data pool to pull from (yet), but haven’t cities that have eliminated cash bail in recent years seen massive crime spikes since its elimination?

  17. I think you forgot to put an /s… lol

  18. It’s a Glock 19M, FBI spec. If I had to guess, an FBI agent was probably carrying it (they literally have to carry everywhere, even on planes) and somehow it fell out of his bag, or off his cart.

  19. Probably drinking. Took it off his person to drive, forgot about it on the back of the cart, fell off when driving to next hole.

  20. There’s always a bigger fish

  21. Sounds like he was already sick and recovering from some respiratory issue. He wrote on Monday:

  22. Possibly will go down as one of the worst negotiations in US history. What a disaster all for a PR bite because she’s famous.

  23. I’m 99.278% sure there is no citation.

  24. This looks like more than Botox. He's obviously had some kind of eyelid surgery and maybe more.

  25. Yeah people don’t understand what Botox does. It doesn’t do whatever Simon had.

  26. A lot of European too good to be true social programs will begin to get axed or dry up. The EU is about to get a hard lesson in defense budget lifecycle costs. It’s fucking expensive to sleep comfortable at night knowing you can’t get Ukrained.

  27. Houston, we have a purroblem

  28. Are we sure Young is a better hire than Buzz? Seems a bit premature given how quickly Buzz turned things around but I do hope it turns out to be true.

  29. I do. CMY in his 2nd real season (2020 doesn’t count) won us the freaking ACC championship vs very good Duke and UNC teams.

  30. Ya 99% chance if anyone makes a big deal of quitting Twitter they will move over to FB or instagram

  31. She made the announcement she quit Twitter on her instagram. The irony is lost on her.

  32. You should talk to your doctor..

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