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  1. I think it was probably something falling on my house 🙄

  2. Maybe it was Santa? Quick go check to make sure he's not hurt, you might have to deliver the presents this year.

  3. I'm planning the following itinerary: 5 nights Ubud -> 3 nights Sidemen -> 4 nights Gili T -> 2 nights Nusa Penida -> 2 nights Uluwatu.

  4. The Sidemen is seriously breathtaking. I sooooooo regret not staying longer. Everything about the place is amazing. Have a balinese massage and flower bath for me 🥹

  5. I hope 3 full days & nights are enough for Sidemen :) we booked at the Samanvaya. Looked like the best hotel in the area!

  6. I stayed one night at the Wapa Di Uma and it was spectacular! I recommend looking into it if it isn’t too late for your itinerary! 🤗

  7. I’ve gotten scars from a deep sunburn and I don’t think mine reached that level…it was excruciating. I’m pasty glow in the dark color and applied SPF 30 ~once~ while snorkeling for several hours in hawaii on my second day there…. I remember that even applying aloe vera hurt. I sat in an ice bath sweating and my legs were so swollen I could barely walk. I had burn lines on my legs probably for a year.

  8. Because it makes you unproductive for relatively too long, and it has a high potential to be abused. People are already abusing more disgusting shit like cigarettes. Also, it gives off loser vibes

  9. My dad sold weed in high school. It’s how he learned to be a successful salesman. He learned how to maintain clientele as well as how to effectively increase sales. He made BANK. Always asked his regularly how they liked their fix, if they wanted to try something new he just got in. Obviously, he was high 90% of the time. He was a dealer well into his early twenties.

  10. I wanted to know the answer to this thread and yet the answers are still pissing me off

  11. There are loads that I can’t stand but I don’t think I’d ever wish a character unwritten. Even the shittiest characters have a role in pivoting the plot and the characters’ actions.

  12. Katniss from The Hunger Games. She’s absolutely infuriating and has the personality of cardboard. Her character traits are: hunter, and protective older sister. That’s it. Those are the character traits. The story itself is good, but I have a hard time enjoyed the books because I have zero connection to the any of the characters besides Finnick and Joanna.

  13. you’re telling me every house comes with a squirrel-sized spider?

  14. I love the classic PNW weather so this was the first day I’ve felt happy with the weather in MONTHS. It literally lightened my mood. I loveeeeeee the chilly rainy weather. So cozy 😌

  15. I’m honestly pleased with whatever. I adore the Shadowhunter chronicles, but I can accept that there’s an end on the horizon. She’s produced a plethora of phenomenal books. Conversely, though, if she ends up surprising us with a dozen moreC I’m all in. Every time I fear she’s milking it too hard by releasing another book/trilogy, I’m smacked in the face with purely amazing content. By now, I’ve learned to just trust that the Shadowhunters Chronicles is in some damn good hands. She’s probably one of my favorite authors just because of how elaborate and well thought out each and every book is.

  16. Was gonna recommend this one. I haven’t read it bc I don’t think I could stomach it, but I did read the summary and dear god OP you are in for it 🥴

  17. I could not be friends with anyone who would freely of their own choice read only three books in their lifetime.

  18. 14 year olds should definitely already know how this works, even if they haven’t menstruated yet 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  19. I’ve had the pleasure of going twice and both times it just took my breath away. It was so enormous and blue and there was this sense of quietude, despite there being plenty of tourist lingering.

  20. Bro had a whole salad tucked in there 😭😭😭

  21. Does anyone else get stressed out when they press on another blackhead whilst working to squeeze another and you’re just like ‘😩 they’re pressing the blackhead in further😩😩’ or is that just me

  22. I totally feel you, also when they skip over ones and move to a new area, especially big ones

  23. I’m practically screaming at my phone, ‘GO BACK YOU MISSED SOME GO BACK!!!!’

  24. Awe such a sweetie!! :) i’m sorry for you loss I bet she’s binkieing around over the rainbow bridge waiting for you 💛💛

  25. Thank you so much ❤️ She had my late doggo up there waiting for her, so it brings me a great deal of comfort knowing the two of them aren’t alone. They were mostly indifferent to one another, but I’m sure they don’t mind each other’s company 😁❤️

  26. The office wouldn’t be cancelled if it premiered today, some of y’all just like to play victim

  27. I don’t think it would be cancelled per se, but I honestly just don’t think it would have half the jokes that we know and love. A LOT of them would be deemed too insensitive for today’s generation. It doesn’t take much to get the media riled up over a joke on a TV show. Diversity Day alone would have caused some MAJOR backlash. A Benihana Christmas would definitely be a huge no-no. I wouldn’t be surprised if Safety Training got some shit, too (I have a buttload of mental health issues and find the episode hilarious, but, again, this is the Age of the Snowflakes) Michael’s cringey personality comes from his ignorance, but I don’t think it would play well with today’s culture.

  28. I don’t even care for the Avengers but Tom Holland as Spider Man is top tier. Consider me triggered 😭

  29. Whenever I’m feeling particularly shitty about where I am in life, and how little I feel like I’ve accomplished, I try to think about my dad.

  30. when I was a senior in high school they gave me in school suspension for having over 90 tardies. i’d only had a couple detentions prior because i was an otherwise really good student and most of my teachers felt bad about giving me detentions. when the principal pulled me into his office near the end of the year, he was like ‘…bro it’s 90 tardies i can’t just let this fly’

  31. Reminds me of when people DoorDash fraps from Starbucks. Those drinks naturally start separating almost instantly. You can stir it but you’re still gonna have a hunk of ice at the bottom. When I worked at the siren we would always get people complaining when they took forever to pick up their drinks and they were semi melted and separated.

  32. Idk but she needs to leave the Merry Thieves—Christopher included—tf alone.

  33. Agreed if Cassie makes kit end up with her I would be so mad ngl…my boy deserves better

  34. Like just bc Christopher hasn’t had any love interest doesnt mean he has to settle for trash 😩😩😩✋🏻✋🏻

  35. Yeah, it doesn’t get rid of them, although it might reduce their appearance for a few days.

  36. Same I’ll go for the larger ones that are darker. Not blackheads, but they still pop like ‘em 😏😏😏😏

  37. It’s probably one of my top favorite series ever. I reread the Shadowhunter chronicles often but I’ll reread TDA at least three times as many as the others. The books are just chefs kiss

  38. It’s probably one of my top favorite series ever. I reread the Shadowhunter chronicles often but I’ll reread TDA at least three times as many as the others. The books are just chefs kiss.

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