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  1. on the off chance this isn't satire, yeah, that shirt sounds terrible

  2. I run a 5-axis fiber laser at work, haven't posted it given most of the parts we're cutting are for aerospace contracts that prohibit pictures and all that. Cool machines for sure

  3. Bro I’m sorry but turnstile is not intellectual music

  4. god damn I'm so sick of hearing about this dead ass meme

  5. Lmaooo I’ve seen knocked loose 3 times live and I fucking love them but I get his vocals aren’t for everyone. I can see what you mean with “shrill”. I loved A Tear in the Fabric of Life, seemed to be more vocal variation with both him as well as Isaac on backup vocals. The track God Knows is a good example of this, they have some absolutely gnarly vocals about halfway through.

  6. The vocals on God Knows is Matt from Portrayal of Guilt

  7. in my humble opinion, a laser surely can't crash?

  8. 5-Axis Laser programming/setup, Wire + Sinker EDM programming/setup, CNC Lathe programming/setup

  9. to give a little more context, I've been here just short of 4 years, this was my first job out of trade school, and I've picked those positions up over the course of those 4 years. So, I understand I'm relatively green in this industry and that obviously will affect my wage, but it's also worth noting that I'm essentially a one man show in each of these departments, I'm not shadowing anyone.

  10. Please give an example. I'm really hoping they didn't get MCR or Green Day

  11. neither green day or MCR are emo, except maybe MCR's first album

  12. isnt she the final boss? how do you have it?

  13. I know this is late as hell but did it work for you? I'm having the same issue.

  14. Try the great star, it needs like 22 strength and hits pretty hard with bleed build up. Don't know if it's a colossal weapon though

  15. Oh yeah I’ve been there I just got there stupid early and realized I did not belong in that death hole so I’ve never gone back. Forgot about it so I’ll have to revisit. I’m having that issue right now with the serpent lord I’m finding this fight to be super annoying cause he’s so big and I’m getting backed up against things I can’t see behind me.

  16. In case you still haven't visited him in the cave, it's worth fighting him, he drops a bell bearing allowing you to purchase somber smithing stones

  17. Wait so skinheads aren't fascist punks? I knew most of the other punk groups were very accepting, but Skinhead specifically has connections to fascist shitbags here in the US. The type that get nazi tattoos and say a bunch of racist shit before getting their nose broken in half. Those guys are called Skinheads here, I fucking hate them.

  18. I believe. Most of the beat writers were absolute pieces of shit. Shame. I loved HOWL. Hate Ginsberg.

  19. look up "plastic eraser" on Amazon and order one of those. The one I use is almost like a mechanical pencil, it's a long, thin, round eraser that retracts. It makes it a lot easier to control, imo. What are you using to panel line?

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