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  1. Don’t let it. Be confident and enjoy your life. Don’t worry what others think. You’re fine.

  2. Try to enjoy - it’s great you’re celebrating!!

  3. If it’s vegan it’s all delish. Spicier is better. My kids agree

  4. We accept that many of the established "rules for success" are actually recipes for failure.

  5. I am still traumatized by the second grade boy, who picked his nose and then wiped it on his shirt and then square danced with me

  6. None of these raise any issues for me. Should be fine.

  7. I hate Christmas music that’s playing in all the stores

  8. Just stop posting about him and everyone ignore this stupidity.

  9. They have a full cafe in the front too. Sweet Vinyl

  10. No social is my preference unless it’s innocent fb or Instagram only if a person is doing it for a reason like to promote an art or something not to pass the time looking at models

  11. I agree. It is a big deal to me. And when I think on it more I realize I want and need to hear that.

  12. You deserve to hear it. It’s a big deal.

  13. She plays one so well and it’s nuts she looks so much like my Jewish late brother!!

  14. Use therabreath and eat a plant based diet with lots of liquids. Not much sugar or too much gluten either.

  15. I don't eat gluten because I'm intolerant, but what does gluten have to do with breath?

  16. Only if it causes an imbalance of candida .. otherwise it’s ok

  17. Unfortunately I had no choice but to finally agree to a “payment plan”. I pretty much did everything you did.

  18. Yeah it totally sucks and I’m glad some states are starting to get rid of it. Of course not mine.

  19. Go for it OP! I’ve tried a few times. They’ve both said no, but it was worth asking

  20. It takes guts to do so and you don’t know if you don’t ask!

  21. I’ve had chronic migraines for years that have gotten 10x worse over the last year.

  22. Argh I hear ya I have suffered from them too. For me botox helped a lot and monitoring diet and having an iud for no periods. I hope you get better and better!!

  23. Both my kids ate the dinner I made last night and the leftovers today! Definitely a little miracle.

  24. It’s not easy getting kids to eat sometimes!! Yay!!!

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