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  1. You can select your "KillBank" game object, go to the inspector window, click on the "lock" icon on top right corner, then select your whole list of sounds, then drag and drop them in your "Clips" list in the "SoundBank" component.

  2. Like others said just set the array to zero, lock the inspector window or right click on the component and select properties and then drag the single selection of all the files into the array.

  3. "I'll probably die to something silly" That's how PZ works

  4. Слушай, я конечно не знаю что у тебя тут, но у тебя джава и достижения не слетят если выдашь себе, и я вижу ты патриот

  5. I wish the katana was more durable. Every time I find one it lasts about 10 minutes because I love going into big crowds with it.

  6. Yeah, acctually at this point Machetes are much better, they're easier to find, they've got almost the same damage and you can use it with only one hand. The only disadvantage is that it takes your back slot

  7. That's exactly what is happening to me on this run. It's like my 10th run total after 8 others were miserable failures.

  8. All you are left to do is just to put it ona shelf and look at it from time to time

  9. It isn't, just abuse windows and their shitty AI.

  10. That's not stupid AI, they're zombies they're acually stupid

  11. Пожарники это жидкость

  12. Две руки, держащие горсть земли с ростками, еле увидел

  13. OK NVM I have fixed it, I had to slide the noise texture's before the bump detail.

  14. I’m always had to Nerf it in the settings otherwise you have to drink all the time and will get fat really quickly.

  15. I only know the one that god damn kills you

  16. Have they added balloons or what is this?

  17. А как зарегаться из России?

  18. Can you just rotate one around a bit so you're not looking at the same part of both at the same time?

  19. well I know that I can just rotate it and I was just looking for some more clever solution

  20. Uh nuh that's what you call a person with no body and no nose

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