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  1. Hi, I also have 44/45 days cycles. They're considered irregular because they are longer than the "typical" cycle which is usually listed as up to 40 days. Irregular can mean two things, longer than a "typical" cycle or not appearing every month. My cycles before PCOS were always 40-45 days and I got pregnant with a 40+ day cycle so it may not interfere with ttc. Wishing you the best of luck.

  2. I have been working two full time jobs for just over a year. Both are wfh, and both are senior software development roles with similar skills/tools.I originally had the idea at the start of the pandemic, but it took me over a year to gather the courage to take the risk. Of the select group of people I told, most thought I was crazy for trying, a few were intrigued, and some assumed that it would be impossible.

  3. thank you so much for sharing your experience! this is very helpful!!

  4. thank you for sharing! this is exactly why i believe i can make it work — i am so good at my current job that i end up with a lot of downtime. i've always been very professional and great with deadlines and time management, so i truly believe i can pull it off. it's very helpful hearing from others who are actually doing it!

  5. Check out the film Leave No Trace :) a bit of an extreme scenario but it strikes a balance somewhere in there

  6. this!! i used to feel pressure to lose weight or suck my tummy in when wearing tight clothes, but now i've just accepted that my body is growing, so my clothes should too. the looser the clothing, the better i feel!

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