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  1. so the other day I went to the white lotus subreddit to hear everyone’s thoughts on the latest episode. oh. my. god. reddit don’t suck the fun out of everything challenge (impossible)

  2. I’ve found that very, very few show/movie/band/fandom subreddits suck.

  3. I wanted to highlight this particular line (translated into English):

  4. Thanks. Some people on this sub need to read this.

  5. Anna and Dasha of Red Scare? Liz and Brace from True Anon?

  6. Dasha is likely dating Louis CK, per some DM blinds.

  7. Tim Heidecker? He’s dropped a lot of weight and he’s looking super hot lately, what’s going on with him?

  8. There could be another reason for the weight loss I’m unaware of but I always assumed he lost it for On Cinema.

  9. That looks like a delicious Thanksgiving!

  10. Too true. Look at their concerts! Super well-run.

  11. “Because you need me, Springfield. Your guilty conscience may force you to vote Democratic, but deep down inside, you secretly long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalise criminals and rule you like a king!”

  12. I’m thankful that I feel at home here.

  13. This is totally pie in the sky, but maybe they’d pull a Taylor Swift and re-record Mutter, with possible longer versions, songs they meant to include, etc. Not sure if that’s something they’d do or if it’s even realistic but it’s nice to think about.

  14. Tbf some guy online said that they said that.

  15. I have really weird dreams all the time and this is really funny lol thank you for sharing 😛💕

  16. I just really, really miss the Swiss Miss BDC. I was only able to get one tube. 😢

  17. A lot of food for thought and visually amazing. I expected nothing less from Specter.

  18. I’m going to wait for a more official source, thanks. MVs are open to interpretation.

  19. This is so visually beautiful! I’m looking forward to it.

  20. I learned how to appreciate my eyebrows thanks to Boy Brow.

  21. it's been a few days now since the announcement of henry cavill's departure from the witcher next season and i'm sure most people have seen the headlines of the reason for that being that he had been trying to convince the writers of the show to keep it closer to the books/games -to no avail- so he ultimately decided to leave. you probably also heard that said writers totally like, hate the witcher and hate the books!! /s

  22. That was kind of a big thing on Reddit at the time because a little while prior to that a user had detailed a crazy night of partying and sex and heroin with a celebrity that ended with him waking up at a scientology center.

  23. I vaguely remember when this happened. It was posted on ONTD. Eli Roth (who was big then) was dating her at the time the story broke and he wrote a thing about it, defending her.

  24. Spicy take: his dad was the best thing to ever happen to On Cinema

  25. So at first I’ve seen people on this sub and on DM dismissing it as QAnon fearmongering but now I’m not sure.

  26. This is the thing that pisses me off most about QAnon you can no longer question whether or not children are being abused in Hollywood without being called a QAnon conspiracy theorist. Statistically at least some of those kids are being abused/being put in inappropriate situations.

  27. It’s not just child abuse in Hollywood, it’s abuse anywhere practically. It’s difficult for it to be a cause that you particularly believe in without being called a QAnoner. Same with using the word “groomer” the way it’s meant to be used.

  28. Definetely different that I imagined it to be and it’s not 25th but 24th.

  29. I think the 25th is when the single goes on sale.

  30. $400 for a hoodie? It boggles my mind. I get that money is like a drug, and the more you get, the more you want, but it's like he's living out "Mehr" in real-time. Have he and his team forgotten that the majority of his base are not ultra-rich? The moneyed set isn't going to flock to his niche brand and embrace him as one of their own. He probably would make just as much, if not more, catering to the budgets of the fanbase he actually has. This is embarrassing.

  31. I said this in a comment above but I feel like part of the reason for these high prices is he’s aiming for a target audience that can pay that much, and not necessarily for fans. This also explains his high tour ticket prices, the NFT dinner, etc. He started doing this around the time of the pandemic and it was a good strategy then because he couldn’t tour due to the restrictions. Now, I don’t think there’s really a need, yet he’s still positioning himself for that high-net-worth consumer.

  32. You said and told so much, but you have shown NOTHING. Whether if you have some evidence or clues for this brainless case nor have you shown me some evidence, that you are working for some newspaper (probably put some in your local mail boxes, nothing more than that). You never gave me an answer to that all and just resigned. I said it was a hoax post from that "fan" nowadays and it will be probably deleted, but you took a rant at me, said that I would only make fun of rape and that case nowadays. Now look what happened: It's been deleted! What a surprise! Richard is such a humble guy, he wouldn't do some shit to a female fan. For the next time: USE YOUR GODDAMN BRAIN, IF YOU GOT ONE, BEFORE YOU WRITE SUCH BULLSH*T! And now go and ruin some other subreddit.

  33. FWIW, it was deleted by a mod and not the user, according to Reveddit.

  34. Wenn ich Filter verwenden würde, denkst du, ich würde Bilder posten, so aussehen? 🤔

  35. I mean, Scholastic is/was her US children’s publishing house so it kinda tracks? But I am here for the respect put on the book fair’s names.

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