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  1. Golden showers, it was hot at the time but when post nut clarity kicked in it felt kinda gross lol

  2. Have you tried it only once? Never tried it, but intrigued too. Will have to experience to see if i like it or not.

  3. Must have been a damn good kisser.

  4. How many people have you blowed till now?

  5. Strip him, Tie him up, sit on his face, ride him, maybe ruin his Orgasm

  6. Do you like rubbing your pussy on his mouth?

  7. I mean we have used full restraints and beaten me. I have 4 scars on my right tit. Fisting. All great things but I guess extreme

  8. Yes, so I drink straight from the fountain. And If I stop, it goes on my head.

  9. That sounds hot.. how is the sex with your husband?

  10. What was the sluttiest thing you did after your divorce?

  11. During sex and the moment is right yes, on my face and my ass.

  12. Do you like getting tied up and then spanked?

  13. Just saw some yesterday in Uniqlo in the mens section. But i think its the same for men or women.

  14. A bit of both. In the end, they can undress however they please. I undressed in front of everyone.

  15. Were you surprised with anyone’s choice of lingerie? Or any of the men was larger than you expected?

  16. Did everyone undress in front of everyone or went to a room and came out naked?

  17. Ha nah I was way too tired once I got home. I put some ice packs on my ass for a little bit and then went to bed, the next day I took a muscle relaxer and Tylenol and stayed in bed for the most part

  18. The level of beating you received was it enough for you or would you want something more the next time?

  19. It was enough. I had to tap out before he got to the last tool because of the pain. And the bruises I got are amazing but I think if I did anything more it would’ve broken the skin

  20. I understand you’ve gotta be careful. Would you visit the dungeon again? And anything else you would like to explore there?

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