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  1. Hey this is a no go for this sub! Please take this type of discussion elsewhere or pm a friend. :)

  2. Noy from personal experience, but maybe try air b-n-b? Head north for outdoor things. It may be hard to beleive, but there is a 33,000 (50 square mile) national park between Akron and Cle. Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and it is fantastic! I know they have some areas which offer cross country skiing (I think Virginia Kendall?), a passenger train that runs the length of the park, and so many miles of trails. Truly a gem in NEO. Should be about 45 minute drive from N. Canton. Enjoy!

  3. Virginia Kendall does indeed have cross country skiing. Nice trails for hiking as well.

  4. Eyyyyy still here but sorta Mia lately. Glad you are ok, Jas. Sounds like things are going smooth and that's awesome.

  5. A little big for my tastes buy stellar work. Nice job.

  6. .25 what? I'm assuming xanax, but no amount of any benzo can compare to the warm euphoria of percs/oxy... Its a very different type of buzz. If you have no tolerance or experience I'd say start with .5-1mg max to start and see how you feel. Just don't expect it to feel like an opiate or you'll feel extremely let down.

  7. My life was much better on them. I was able to get out and do more. I wasn't filled with anxiety all the time.

  8. Is it really a relapse if you have a better quality of life on them? Are you able to take them responsibly?

  9. They're not meant to be taken every day. That's the problem. Regulating when you want to feel good/normal is difficult.

  10. Totally agree. OP seemed to be taking them responsibly, though.

  11. Yassssss my thanksgiving about to be jussss like dis. Scrip getting filled Friday. Gonna get focked this weekend than chill till T-Day. Same with Christmas.

  12. My government is so full of idiots. Lmao. Oh my God

  13. Here's a link to my little Etsy shop if anyone wants to take a peek :)

  14. I hope you weren't misguided. But clonazolam is different that clonazepam. Its way more potent. I hardly remember posting this. 😂😂😂😂 i wish i could get a script. Lucky bastard. Im stuck ordering rc benzos atm.😶

  15. Sorry. I've just been through so many threads seeing people confuse them. Still. Lucky you for the script lol

  16. No problem! At very first I wondered if people had misspelled so I did a little research. Defintely want to try c-lam someday.

  17. What do you mean? If it's doing it's job I don't think you're screwed at all. You definitely have a dependence on them at this point and if you want of you must taper.

  18. Yeah I think people don’t think he’s a good interviewer cuz he’s so unconventional.

  19. Makes sense. To me it's a breath of fresh air. Not only that but he honestly helped pioneer the podcast medium, imho.

  20. I think he has a distinct interview style, that you can enjoy or not enjoy. I don't think it's objectively good or bad. His interviews are more like conversations, and a lot more about just bullshitting about whatever than extracting information out of people like a traditional interview. I think the candidness is refreshing, but I get just wanting to get the facts out of someone and not wanting to hear this comedian chime in on everything.

  21. Well put. You're right it's not objectively good or bad, but rather breaks away from traditional interviews with it's conversational tone. I really enjoy that because I feel like you get something real out of the subjects that other interviewers don't get.

  22. I don't think you understand how big the stein is. That was the appropriate amount.

  23. Wait so the stein is like 160oz??? I thought it was 1tsp per 8oz??

  24. You replied to my joke comment by going through my post history back years homie. Just chew on that a little.

  25. Lmao. Don't worry, I'm from the states and I think it's hilarious.

  26. You should bee good. 2 mg spaced out should be ok to take within a day as long as you don't weigh like 50lbs.

  27. Because people don't usually dip themselves in honey and dive into a bee hive. People can (and will) argue that heroin overdose is a choice and some even go as far as to say we deserve what's coming to us. It's sad but it's how it is.

  28. They printed a letter to the editor in my local paper where someone vehemently claimed that addicts purposefully overdose because they know they will be saved by Narcan. This was cited by him as a reason why we shouldnt provide it. Smdh

  29. I can't believe they let something so ignorant be published. I don't know anyone who thinks narcan is definitely going to save them. If you OD enough to not be able to administer yourself, you gotta be really lucky and have someone close at hand to do it for you. So many of us don't always use with someone else and actually have narcan on us. It's only going to help if someone's around or you're still there enough to use it.

  30. Yep. It pissed me off so bad when I read it.

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