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  1. Isn’t it almost 23:45 over in UK? Still no formal announcement huh. Should we be worried lol.

  2. Add yellow mustard to the concoction. Goes great on burgers.

  3. Seriously wtf did they do during the whole transfer window ?

  4. Why did mods take down the thread confirming Sabitzers loan deal?

  5. Still can't believe the Americans on our sub are still rating pulisic. He's averaged 5 goals a season across his whole PL tenure

  6. Deano frantically calling up Ronaldo for tips on his next "I've been disrespected" interview.

  7. The mods removed the TIFO video I shared about “rest defense” claiming that it’s not related to this sub.

  8. Are you really posting a comment, without sending so much as a modmail first, complaining about a thread that was removed the better part of a week ago?

  9. The post is 4 days old, not a week ago. It stayed up for about 12 hours, somewhere around that range. The next day I checked, it was removed.

  10. Those stats are so cherrypicked they make statmandave look unbiased.

  11. It's terrible. We've been without a DOF since Overmars left, and we've not even been close to appointing one. There's no direction, two inexperienced (perhaps even incompetent) interims with Hamstra and Huntelaar being allowed to spend record-breaking amounts of money, most of which has gone straight down the toilet.

  12. Thanks, Marty - and I'm sorry to hear that. Huntelaar, from the little I've seen, seems terribly out of his depth, but I didn't realize it was that bad.

  13. We'll see where it goes, I'm not exactly hopeful since it's Van der Sar + Hamstra/Huntelaar doing the manager search again. At least it makes the league exciting, there's four/five teams who could still win it.

  14. Thanks again for the info. I appreciate you taking the time.

  15. When was the last time any moderators were added, also? Unless others have come and gone, the mod team here is 3 folks, the last of whom was made a mod 5 years ago. Of the three mods:

  16. He's lucky they didn't throw sugar inside, my uncle used to tell me stories of his time in prison and how inmates would boil water and pour sugar inside before throwing it into the face of another person and it would stick to their skin to lengthen the agony, or they would mix shaving cream in the water and sugar to basically make homemade napalm because it would stick to the skin and when they would instinctively try to wipe away the sugar burning their skin it would peel off instead.

  17. Aaronson will be lucky to get off the bench atm with how out of form he is

  18. He started the season so well. Disappointing to see how his form fell off a cliff.

  19. We have finally reached the stage of the Caicedo saga where people start posting tweets from “freelancers” on twitter with 8k followers.

  20. Look at what Arsenal are doing in the transfer window whilst all we've done is sign a striker on loan. We need a midfielder, our depth is so shit.

  21. Failing to sign anyone, having their targets poached by other clubs, and extending Martinelli?

  22. At least they're trying to sign Caicedo.

  23. Candidly, I'm not sure what your point is here.They've tried and failed to sign all sorts of players this window -- even though they apparently have money to spend.

  24. At least he was kind enough to write his bad joke in emojis to let us all know it's just the ramblings of a kid at recess.

  25. There was a study that found out that people who argue online by calling people "kids" are mostly under 18.

  26. If you don't like being called a kid online - don't act like one.

  27. Yeah but ultimately it doesn't change anything regarding their careers....

  28. That's fair. In terms of legacy this is meaningless.

  29. Meh the man is gonna be paid 200 million at 38 years old i doubt he gives a shit anymore

  30. I do think the removal of Bruce Allen and the addition of Ron Rivera has improved the culture a lot, even if the record has stayed mid.

  31. Off-Season news isn’t off-season news without the obligatory “shit on Dan Snyder” post

  32. Feel like I’ll be downvoted for even asking this, but I keep seeing “being found not guilty doesn’t mean he didn’t do it” in regards to Mendy.

  33. Jokes aside, what’s the closest (least far) an American has been to being the best football player in the world?

  34. What's the closest Lee Cattermole has been to being the best football player in the world?

  35. If anyone’s interested, Stretford Paddock has done a very good interview with the Athletic journalist Matt Slater where they talk about Jim Ratcliffe and the United sale as a whole.

  36. Ratcliffe done a good job to get the maximum possible PR mileage out of the Glazers' interest in selling.

  37. It's genuinely sad to see how uneducated and ignorant you've chosen to be.

  38. I'd prefer you get an education. It'd be better both for you and society.

  39. Not really a fan of not rotating Eriksen and Bruno. They have played way too much and they need a proper rest. I hope we can decide the match early so they can get subbed out

  40. Who would you sub in to give Bruno and Eriksen a rest?

  41. If you'd like a tl;dr of most of the replies to the FA in the comments:

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