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  1. Bro there wasn’t even like a clever joke or pun to the sign, it was just “I came here to ogle women”, how the hell did he ever think this would go over well?

  2. Main Event Riho! AEW must have liked the match her and Diamanté did together a bit ago on Dark.

  3. Boy Division, Ambulance, The World is Ugly, Kiss the Ring, Surrender the Night

  4. I think I have managed to reach a limit on the amount of accounts Reddit lets me block.

  5. Not so fun fact: this is Shayna's THIRD WM in a tag match with three different partners. This poor woman is gonna be in tag title purgatory forever

  6. It looks like they removed the Liv/Raquel vs. Piper/Chelsea tag match from the preview. I wonder what replaces it.

  7. BRE Start is back on upupdowndown, so I’m assuming Jessamyn Duke signed another media contract.

  8. I've been wrestling with no ACL for almost 10 years.

  9. Am I the only one who finds Isla Dawn’s witch character incredibly stupid? It’s really brought Alba Fyre down as well, now that she’s paired with Isla

  10. I don’t think I’m really into what Impact is doing with the Knockouts right now.

  11. Between seeing Nicole Matthews and the Sarah Stock news, last night was a fun time for Shimmer fans.

  12. Thank God. Her "I live in a van" videos on YouTube had me worried about her.

  13. Dark Angel?? What a great addition. I’m surprised WWE didn’t try to hire her or Allison Danger back.

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