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  1. Same reason American citizens don't have representative government: big business owns the politicians and writes their own legislation.

  2. There are 7 natural notes, 7 flatted notes and 7 sharped notes.

  3. After cowboy chords, barre chords, then shell voicings and rootless shell voicings.

  4. I know a guy who hit his head on a pole doing this. He lived, but has serious brain damage. He has a decent life, but you wonder what it would have been if he'd never done the stupid bad thing.

  5. Tomorrow when I wake up wondering what the point of it all is, I'll remember that at least I'm not a half billion year old creature with no fucking anus.

  6. Bear in mind only a third of Americans have passports, and another third have never left the country. Even people who do travel don't tend to visit a lot of countries. And vacation time for Americans is famously miserable. Three weeks a year spent abroad is among the best possible scenarios.

  7. There are direct flights from PP to SR. It's a 50-minute domestic flight. So you can show up an hour beforehand.

  8. There are four power structures: government, the market, community and family. The first two are not going to function correctly in a SHTF situation. Note that none of the power structures are "the individual". Alone, you can only survive for a limited time.

  9. It's not his fault the rest of the world is so stupid and devoid of imagination.

  10. Weiße können nur Weiße Sachen tun. Schwarze können nur Dinge für Schwarze tun. Latinos können nur Latino Sachen machen. Kulturelle Aneignung ist derselbe alte Rassismus, aber wiedergeboren in einem neuen gesellschaftlich akzeptablen Kleid.

  11. What if you only had two chords, Cm and C, with neither clearly starting or ending the piece? Or what if you had 12 sus4/7 chords ascending by fourths, again with no clear starting or ending chord (Bbsus4/7, Ebsus4/7, Absus4/7, etc.)

  12. If it weren't for "marketplace" I would delete it.

  13. I got maybe 50 replies to some stuff I put on there recently. All of them were scammers except one.

  14. SOLVED: delete FB, send GDPR request to have all data deleted

  15. I'm on a remote island in Thailand. Took a sea kayak to an even more remote island. The beach was covered in plastic trash. Totally depressing. Why are we so fucking stupid? Found a durable construction bag and cleaned one beach. Maybe 10 kilos of plastic. I'm going to try to live plastic free for a year. Fuck this bullshit. It has to end now.

  16. Tabasco consumers. I buy it by the gallon to save money and because the local stuff is slightly tamer.

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