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  1. Update: today is straight yellow. The ping is still 78k ms. I did a trace route to where my uptime is set to ping, and it resolves each hop in 35-60ms, so I’m not sure what to believe.

  2. I noticed a large increase in ping to a few days ago (ATT Fiber), modem restarts did not have any effect, I changed ping target to and it’s all better now. Maybe affecting you too?

  3. Like brooklyn grey from bmw? Or alpine grey from merc? I personally think that color can be awesome IF all the other trim can be blacked out

  4. Yes! The X3M in this is 🔥 with black wheels and accents. Dodge’s “Smoke Show Grey” with the blacktop package looks sick too.

  5. Keep calling in and getting service appointments if you're 100% certain the issue is in the node. Eventually after enough calls in a short time frame, they will start rolling out supervisors, the manager, and I've seen the Director have to go out. Once that happens they will basically force maintenance to go out and work the node to clean it up.

  6. Funny you mention NC, as that’s where this is. Traceroute shows network traffic for this going from eastern NC to Wilmington, over to SC, then down to Atlanta. The node in Wilmington is all over the place. I can get pings in 15ms all the way up to this garbage. There is never reliable consistency.

  7. Does that hop have a spectrum, time Warner, or road runner(rr) naming convention tied to the IP address? All of Spectrum's switches will be named to be easily identifiable. If it is just an IP address, it is likely a random internet backbone switch. Not all of the hops on a tracert will be Spectrum likely just the first few.

  8. (

  9. I got myself a bottle of toasted and it’s fantastic. To me, It’s somewhere between Basil Hayden Toast and Offerman Edition Lagavulin.

  10. My Costco has a ton of these currently... I know they're good but I have so much makers 101 and 46 that I can't justify the $58 on it right now.

  11. Yeah, but at least that's a 3-4 hour drive. DEN to COS is a 1-1.5 hour drive. This would be akin to having service between IAD and BWI.

  12. I wish they did, because I’d rather sit on a plane for 25 minutes than on 495 coming down to DC/VA from BWI

  13. No 25-minute block time Part 121 commercial passenger flight in the US is just 25 minutes, even if the block time is scheduled for just 25 mins. If you’re comparing the door-to-door time, that 1.0 to 1.5 hr drive might be much shorter than getting to the airport, dealing with parking and a shuttle to the terminal, TSA, the train to the concourse, boarding, taxiing out and possible ATC ground delays, 25 min flight (it can be less going from DEN to COS, for example, depending on which direction DEN/COS are landing and taking off), taxing in and possibly waiting for a gate, deplaning, leaving terminal, finding car or getting rideshare and driving home. You’ve also gotta consider the possibility of flight delays and cancellations.

  14. I wouldn’t rely on it for regular transportation between the two locations. I would do a connection at BWI to get to IAD, rather than fly to BWI because it gets me “close enough” and then I have to hate my life in traffic. Also the rental car facility at BWI is annoyingly far away, so if I don’t have to deal with that too, I’m all game.

  15. Just for clarification, this has nowhere near all the bells and whistles of an overland. You’re missing adaptive cruise, lane centering, emergency braking, air suspension, vented seats, heated rear seats, full panoramic sun roof and tow package (at least) from the Overland. That said, the Limited is still a really nice package.

  16. What does it mean to "routine a chit to take a C school and pick up that NEC?"

  17. It means to put in a request for additional, specialized training so the NAVY puts you in that specific role. In the civilian world, it might be like attending a SANS class on Forensics and passing GCFA so you can be the forensics guy for a SOC

  18. I see. I'm assuming I'll discuss all this with a recruiter beforehand to choose my speciality? And interview with the unit etc.

  19. The first one that was replaced at 23k miles was, the second one at 71k was a reman

  20. Assuming the first one was warranty. It may have been replaced with a unit before they yanked them.

  21. Yeah, first one was the MFR warranty through ford, the second was through my 3rd party warranty that I thankfully added when I got the loan

  22. I called Southwest today to ask if this is still an issue and to confirm if my reservation looks good so it is documented in their system should I have an issue at check-in. The lady was nice but had no information on this being an issue. She confirmed my RR# is on by reservation.

  23. This happened to my husband a day ago with one of our upcoming flights, and he called the A-List designated number and was helped right away.

  24. Anyone with Spectrum mobile or other cheaper services?

  25. Spectrum mobile is just a MVNO of Verizon (meaning they pay to use Verizon towers) Since bandwidth is limited in OBX, Verizon will prioritize their customers before Spectrum Mobile, Visible, and anyone else that shares space on their network.

  26. Nice! Where did you get that front Jeep plate from?

  27. Ouch! $74.99 for Small Batch Select!? Where is this, that’s a $48 bottle around here

  28. My wife has one. The carpeted wheel liners on these are a one-way in, nothing comes out black hole. I have probably spent 2-3 hours this year so far over a dozen and a half washes cleaning those things out.

  29. Yes!!! Had to go back at the end and clean again. I’m sure they make the ride nice and quiet though

  30. Wheel bearing? I’d recommend trying to spray all that mud off too.

  31. I live pretty close to sartori HQ, those little wedges come in a ton of really tasty flavors!

  32. I’ll Second that as someone who grew up nearby

  33. Idiots at the ABC? Fuck you too buddy, we're glad you pack your shit. Tired of people asking us about rare bourbon and where we hide it. We only see it every 3 months at best. Wake county keeps the majority of it.

  34. “Wake Co keeps the majority of it” Which is exactly why I won’t support the corrupt NC system. I feel for the residents of the OBX. The guy at the olive oil shop in the outlets is dying for a chance to try some WhistlePig. Next time I’m down, I’m planning to bring him some since it is flowing off the shelves around me.

  35. There's 4 different whistle pigs sitting on the shelf for anyone to grab. It ain't rare.

  36. Wouldn’t know, it’s a Sunday so they’re closed because “Jesus” 😂 Looking forward to hitting up Total Wine this afternoon for Balvenie 14 at $74.

  37. Agree. Did my SIL’s Altima SL a month ago. They definitely have Velcro-like carpet that is a PITA to get clean.

  38. So curious how the paint effects performance

  39. Never mind the paint, let’s talk about that giant brick wall cutting off 60% of signal

  40. Lol what....a bottle in North Carolina is $35

  41. The Alcohol Beverage Communists ahem I mean commission in NC lists this for $1149. Good luck finding a bottle on their shelves before the good ‘ol southern Jesus boys in government swipe it for themselves.

  42. I’ve learned it’s crazy what a good wash, clay, and some sealant can do for a car.

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