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  1. I loved the Macallan 12 handle that I bought at $125 BUT the price went up to $170. Ouch! That's over twice the price of a handle of my beloved Glenmorangie 10.

  2. What would you choose between JW black vs double black vs Chivas regal 12?

  3. I'd probably pick JW Black BUT there is no reason to just pick one. You must grab BOTH! I've never tried the double black. In my area, Both Chivas and JW Black are available in 50ML bottles so you might be able to try them in smaller sizes. I'd recommend JW Green since it's a blended malt with a 15 year age statement and it offers everything a whiskey drinker could ever want. Famous Grouse Smoky Black is another good smoky blend and I enjoyed it more after letting it sit for ten minutes. A few experts on reddit talked about the taste of whiskey improving after letting it sit for one minute for each year of its age statement.

  4. Blends are worth a try. My two fav blended malts are Johnnie Walker Green and Monkey Shoulder. The blended scotches that I liked were Teacher's Highland Cream, Dewar's Special Reserve 12 and Famous Grouse Smoky Black.

  5. I've been playing for a month and I haven't bothered with a nuke. This could relate to the traumatic bombings of two of my camps by nukes LOL. The first one didn't hurt since it was just a shack but the second one was annoying. I always try to have a long-range rifle in the game for turrets and SBQ.

  6. Those bottles are horrible. I'll still buy Glenmo BUT I will pour the contents of each bottle into an old bottle.

  7. This happened to me this past week on xbox. I had to go into the atomic shop and individually equip the emotes that I own. I went without emotes for a week.

  8. Glenmorangie 10, Speyburn 10 and Tomatin 12 are all around this price range in my area.

  9. FINALLY got it! Used a knife instead of fingernail and scratched gently between the buttons at the thinnest point and BAM! it peeled!!! HALLELUJAH!

  10. Cool! I'm glad to hear it worked out. I ended up getting both layers of film off the Atari 12-in-1 BUT I could only get one layer off the Pacman deck protector. I might have to give it another shot.

  11. My favorite Speyside scotches are Glenlivet 12, Speyburn 10, Aberlour 12, and Macallan 12. Tomatin 12 is another Highland Scotch that I hoard. Johnnie Walker Black/Green and Teacher's Highland Cream are blends that have some peat. I found Glenfiddich 12 to be bland but I love the floral taste of Glenmorangie 10.

  12. My fav budget single malts are Glenmorangie 10, Speyburn 10 and Tomatin 12. My fav budget blends are Teacher's Highland Cream, Johnnie Walker Black and Dewar's Special Reserve 12.

  13. So all these peat devotees are drinking MUD. I might have to pass. Peaty whiskey is okay but it is not my favorite. It doesn't look appetizing BUT there are apparently a lot of beneficial compounds in the peat.

  14. Teacher's Highland Cream is good. Johnnie Walker Green is great and Johnnie Walker Black is decent. Dewar's Special Reserve 12 has a lot of oak flavor. Famous Grouse Smoky Black is good after sitting for a few minutes. Monkey Shoulder is also quite good.

  15. I hoard Speyburn 10 so I recommend it to all newbies. I am sure the 15 and 18 are much better BUT the price is higher. In my area, Speyburn 10 is priced at $35 while the 15 is $65 and the 18 is $125. I've noticed that Speyburn 10 is widely available at local stores but there is less of the 15 and 18 in stock.

  16. Johnnie Walker Green is an excellent blend of Caol Ila, Cragganmore, Talisker and Linkwood.

  17. Teacher's Highland Cream is wonderful and it has to be one of the better value scotches. Grant's is okay but it tastes like grain alcohol to me. It's great to try the 50ML minis so you don't get stuck with a 750ML bottle of Yuck! If I don't like the taste of a whiskey, I just add water until it becomes palatable.

  18. I'd recommend Glenlivet 12, Macallan 12, Aberlour 12, Tomatin 12 and Speyburn 10.

  19. Dewar's Special Reserve 12 year is a blended scotch that spends time in oak casks. This blended scotch has some nice vanilla and oak flavors.

  20. Buying 50ML bottles is a smart approach. My fav budget single malts are Glenmorangie 10, Speyburn 10 and Tomatin 12. Some budget blends that I like are Dewar's Special Reserve 12, Johnnie Walker Black, Chivas Regal 12, Buchanan's Deluxe 12, Teacher's Highland Cream and Monkey Shoulder.

  21. I liked Lagavulin but I believe it is an acquired taste. Doesn't it taste like shoe leather? Yuck!

  22. I switched over to scotch a year ago partly due to the high calories in the imperial stouts that I enjoyed. My top five recommendations would be Glenlivet 12, Glenmorangie 10, Tomatin 12, Speyburn 10 and Monkey Shoulder.

  23. Whiskey and guns sounds like a bad combination. Anyone shoot their nuts off? There is supposed to be a bar/axe throwing venue opening in my area and I think it's risky to have drunk people armed with weapons.

  24. My paternal grandfather used to drink Old Grand Dad so I got a chuckle out of this post. That contraption holding the bottle looks useful. What brand is that and are there other good options? I buy 1.75L bottles and they can be a bit unwieldy at first. I'll be interested to hear if the whiskey is still good.

  25. I will let you know assuming I try it. Are you asking if there is a brand for the stand? I assume it came with the bottle since it's always been with it, no markings.

  26. I was asking if the stand was made by a certain manufacturer but it looks like the tilt stand is not very common. A tilt stand would be practical for somebody with arthritis or other infirmities. I've seen a few on ebay and etsy so I might look into it. Bottles are not standardized so a stand might only fit certain bottles.

  27. I bought a bottle the other day and I like it. I've decided that I am a Speyside fan and this combines Speyside malts. I like Speyburn, Glenlivet, Aberlour and Macallan. This is an affordable way to taste Speyside malts.

  28. My recommendations would be Glenlivet 12, Tomatin 12, Aberlour 12, Macallan 12 and Knappogue Castle 12. I recommend exploring some of the blended malts with age statements like Johnnie Walker, Buchanan's Deluxe, Chivas Regal and Dewar's 12.

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