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  1. Hey folks! I got this dagger and snake tattoo about 3 weeks ago from my usual artist who has done work for me as well as numerous trad pieces for my wife - all have been great. I’m happy with this one except the hilt of the dagger has been bothering me. The hilt poofs out to one side and looks off at times. I have two other tattoos, and I understand they are an imperfect art. I just wanted to see if you folks thought I was being overly critical about this piece or if I should hit my artist back up to see what could maybe be done. I tried to get a video to get a good representation of the piece from all angles on the back of my arm. Sorry for not wearing a shirt! Thanks.

  2. Because it's close to the real thing without any calories. Getting shredded is about compromises sometimes

  3. Exactly. You don’t have to compromise your caloric deficit during a cut if you have a Diet Coke. It honestly feels like a treat.

  4. Fuckin’ dope! Love this classic design. I have it on my shoulder too. Awesome tattoo man!

  5. I loved this route and thought DK did great yesterday. But, correct me if I’m wrong, he’s being covered by a rookie here. Pretty stoked that he had a few plays where he looked elite though.

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