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  1. LOL this is so cute. My 5 mo. pup was totally fearless - until she noticed my neighbour's cherub garden statue on our walks. She goes on high alert and scrambles to get away from it. I can't help but laugh at her reaction.

  2. Not an Aussie, is she? Mine is so visual that he would likely do the same thing! Hubs worked on our patio string lights recently which 7 mos old had never seen “on” before. Hubs left lights on ON A SUNNY DAY and I couldn’t get the pup to move off the patio when I next let him out because he was so freaked by the change!

  3. She is an Aussie! That's so funny. I try to approach it to show her it's not scary but she is like "mom let's GO!" LOL

  4. My pup is 5 months. I have been madly in love with her since day 1. But I think the bond started developing once we were able to communicate better with each other. This was maybe around 3.5-4 months old? Videos about dog body language helped me a LOT with communication.

  5. No, different pup. Very happy for that sweet bean too ☺️

  6. His right eye looks brown and left eye looks blue!

  7. I use a little piece of clear tape on the back of the leaf for aesthetics! It’s still green and providing energy to the plant so I wouldn’t chop it :)

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