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  1. So we are planning to do a little prank on our friend involving this medicine, we are planning to slip this into his alcoholic drink and make him shit his pants in his sleep when he passes out. But we don't know if it's safe or not. Do you have any info about this medicine used with alcohol?

  2. It’s illegal. He could wind up in the hospital and you could wind up in jail.

  3. If it were me I’d be interested in hearing them explain to a judge how their dog was able to attack your dog while being supervised and on a leash.

  4. well that's the part I'm confused at... why claim the dog was on a leash? wouldn't that suggest you were present at the attack? Its going to boil down to a me vs. them argument only I don't think I have any physical proof. I only have supportive evidence along with their testimony. but they might not know this and are trying to spin it in the best way they can.

  5. I would see if you can get a hard copy of their statement to by-law. If what they said doesn’t add up your story sounds more plausible. Also, see if you can get statements from your other neighbours possibly stating that the dog is seen without a leash regularly and has threatened other people/pets.

  6. Without stitches it will heal terribly and take a really long time. It’s also very likely to get infected.

  7. Teachers are legally responsible for the kids in their classes while class is in session so they have to know where their students are.

  8. Contact the company and ask them if it’s distributed anywhere near you.

  9. If your school can’t arrange therapy they may be able to get OSAP to pay for a few sessions with a private therapist.

  10. She needs to ask them politely to not come back. If she continues to hid from them they are going to keep coming back because she basically invited them to.

  11. You can but you shouldn’t. You don’t have to give them notice but if you at least tell them that you quit they will close out your employment file and pay out what is owed to you like vacation pay. If you abandon your job you’ll still get paid it’ll just start a whole process and will take longer. They also won’t have your new address so if they have to mail you things like pay stubs and tax forms you might not get them.

  12. It’s unfair for you to expect them to provide for you for potentially the rest of their lives. Is there any welfare for the disabled where you are?

  13. I don’t think that’s meant to be an accessibility ramp. It’s probably meant for deliveries.

  14. You have to specifically request a signature, they won't do it by default. Any claim that goes through Canada Post will be "investigated" for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks they investigate ways to clear themselves and will use this technicality to deny any wrongdoing.

  15. It sounds like OP requested that it be held at the post office for pick up but that didn’t happen.

  16. They will not charge you for a To-Go box at a normal restaurant. You bought the food. It's yours to do what you want.

  17. Well, that's the whole point of the post, why not let customers bring the food home.

  18. Do you mean take it home? Bring back generally means to return something later.

  19. Probably ringworm. Try clotrimazole (usually sold for athlete’s foot). If that doesn’t work see a doctor.

  20. If your using Presto they automatically apply a discount based on how many trips you take in a month:

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