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  1. Your request has been accepted.

  2. Wow, still not a drag queen or trans person.

  3. They probably didn't because company policy is to smoke a bowl before starting your shift.

  4. Why are most people in prison religious? Why are most child molesters religious? Why are most murders are rapes committed by religious people? Most atheists are far more moral than most religious people.


  6. Someone needs to throw a dead squid in the CEOs office vent.

  7. MAGAts aren't exactly the brightest crayons in the drawer.

  8. It was pretty fucked to begin with, he just amplified the corruption.

  9. It sounds like you're still trying to figure out what you want in life, and that's 100% ok. Go to the doc and get your bloodwork done and maybe therapy, if you're not already in it. It really helps.

  10. I'm actually in therapy rn, I think I am just figuring out what I want

  11. Maybe instead of trying to victimize yourself, read/comprehend/understand the experiences of women are heavily influenced by men.

  12. It's like compounded crazy that's fueled by meth.

  13. Please let it happen. Send his shitbag kids to prison too.

  14. Yes, they should pray, and literally nothing else. Just pray and stop all other activities.

  15. Get rid of the customers and it would be good.

  16. Just spray everything with sugar water, and break half of your stuff that you hold dear. That's what it's like having kids. Then be terrified the little critters are going to die until you die.

  17. There's a legit study that says childless people are generally happier.

  18. You mean the lying turdwaffles didn't want to pay for being lying turdwaffles?

  19. I really want someone with big hands to turn him into a muppet.

  20. I'd yummy down on that in a heartbeat. Fuck, imma make that tomorrow.

  21. I'd rather fix the environment in earth, and achieve gender and racial equality before colonizing another planet.

  22. Definitely looks like the offspring of post accident Gary Busey and a toaster.

  23. It has electrolytes. It's got what the body craves.

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