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  1. Very expensive, but I've never had a bad meal at Raudz. :)

  2. I, for one, am loving the gamesbeatificiation of giant bomb dot com.

  3. ...says NVidia, after making absolute BANK selling its flagship products to crypto miners for years.

  4. Both of these things are true. Crypto adds nothing to society, and at the same time, nvidia happily sold a ton of gpus to miners.

  5. Per chance did you read the part about trespassing and kicking open someone’s door in the middle of the night? Should they have offered the kids cookies and milk?

  6. Exactly. They shouldn't be kicking doors in.. I'd be pissed if that were me.

  7. I did my share of trespassing as a kid, but it was just hide and seek games in people's yards, lol. Don't wreck peoples shit for laughs is a good general rule of thumb.

  8. Yeah maybe. I don't think cod is going away from sony though.. I think they would obviously not want to deal with Microsoft vs. Activision and give them 30 percent of the cut (or whatever it is) but I still think the playstation is going to be important for cod going forward.

  9. A lot depends on whether Sony sign the contract Microsoft have been offering them. If they don't, then what I expect to happen in a few years is Microsoft will support a Warzone-like free-to-play multiplayer CoD on all platforms, loaded with mtx and with complete feature parity. Whereas the big-budget high-production-value campaign stuff will go exclusive to Xbox/PC, possibly as a new IP but using the studio talent, in competition with Sony's big single-player material.

  10. I might be wrong about this, but can't the various trade authorities go "you said you'd keep call of duty on all platforms and now you're not therefore you need to divest call of duty"? I feel like they have that power to retroactively demand consessions.

  11. Would you say it's the sole okanagan subreddit?

  12. I think there's a serious market somewhere out there for someone to make a RTS game entirely dedicated to a single player campaign experience.

  13. Yeah. I really don't care about being competitive against people that play them constantly. I'm bad at video games in general.. I just wanna put it on normal and have a good time honestly.

  14. I don't have a degree and made 95k driving those big grapple loaders at a sawmill. Entery level is 32 an hour, though, I think?

  15. I ran it totally maxed out but it ended up crashing about 25min in and I just gave up I did not wanna replay the opening again

  16. Yeah it crashed twice on me so I stopped. Pc ports seem to be getting bad?

  17. Games evolve, 8gb may cut it now, for the most part but next year and the year after? Why buy a card today that will be short in vram next year or even by the end of this year?

  18. The only thing I would say is you might as well check out Vancouver if you've never been, instead of just skipping it entirely. Don't sleep on kamloops either.

  19. My mom and I entered with just a license and expired passport around 2014 - but that was obviously at the discretion of the officer

  20. Welp, I guess I might have been wrong when I was so sure there wouldn't be a ps5 pro this generation, only a couple days ago :p

  21. I don't know about Australia specifically, but I do know a lot about Canada because I happen to live here. Both our nations mine uranium, expprt uranium to places like the US, and I know Canada enriches it. We both have the know-how and means and the vast natural reserves of materials to make reactors.

  22. Doesn’t even feel like a 7 year console cycle. Mixture of Covid and the shortage, I know for sure I’m not even bothering with a PS6 until 2030 if it comes out 2027

  23. I dunno, these all seem like Cyberpunk dates anyway to me lol.

  24. Well a slim model typically happens halfway through a PS console gen, it's happened every gen since the PS1. So it's safe to assume the rumored PS5 redesign will serve as the "slim" PS5. That much I think it's safe to assume.

  25. But isn’t south western Canada just west US?

  26. British Columbian here.. we're all just the PNW when it comes down to it.

  27. I'm on a 3070 and the only problem I've run into (with everything maxed) is I keep running out of Vram.. no frame drops for me though.

  28. 3070 is 8GB of VRAM though, 3060 is 12GB so that shouldn't really be a problem I don't think

  29. Yeah.. You'll be fine. I kinda regret not splurging for the 3080 but here we are. Maybe dlss will help?

  30. Still persona 4 endurance run. And project beast

  31. If you didn't say this I would have lol

  32. At first it was great! I would ski Banff on the weekends and started to figure out how to shop for cowboy hats and boots. But then, after a month I started to notice a few things. Alot of things honestly. The hockey team was good, and that was really hard to get use to. The roads, they plowed them. Cocaine. Somehow there was more cocaine here than in Vancouver.

  33. The hockey team bit made me laugh in the most depressed way :p

  34. I like how people from Calgary regularly talk about the wonderful outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains as if they can quickly access that area, similar to going to North Vancouver from Vancouver proper. It’s two hours to Banff, y’all.

  35. 2 hour drive, really isn't that big a deal imo... maybe I'm just used to it, though.

  36. On my Series X, the update is just under 119GB. I assume something went wrong on my end and it’s redownloading the entire game. My 6Mbps DSL and I aren’t happy about it.

  37. It's not fair... When I was a child, I had to stare at a scrambled mess on the TV for my sexual shows... :p

  38. A lot of people are scared of hwy 3 and I don't understand why.. maybe it's just because I have most of my winter driving experience on it (used to commute to princeton from Vancouver), but if you drive to conditions I always found it to be a pleasant drive :).

  39. PS5 is PS4 successor, Xbox Series X is Xbox One successor. Both have backwards compatibility as it's running same architecture as previous generation.

  40. It's a cool looking building, but whenever I see it, all I can see are the stupid zoning/view cone bi-laws that nessessitated it...

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