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  1. Vetomo just sounds so cool, and I’ve always related to the fear of change the most, so I guess he’s probably my favorite

  2. Life is Beautiful is such a good movie. Makes me cry every time, absolutely spectacular film

  3. Omg yessss. If I’m eating something I’ll always try to be super quiet because I don’t know if somebody around me has misophonia. A lot of people I know irl don’t know I have misophonia so I assume others keep it a secret too. My dad and I both have it pretty bad and honestly he’s one of the only people I can truly eat a meal with since we’re both hyper-aware of each other and keep quiet. Nice to know others feel the same way!

  4. As someone from New Jersey the concept of naming your kids that is so funny like lmao I love NJ but damn we aren’t THAT special 💀

  5. Both my brother and I were raised in the Catholic Church. Me? As atheist as they come. Just simply don’t believe. My brother? He’s training to be priest. But he’s always been like that. He always walked down to the nearby church every Sunday to go to church and confess as long as I can remember. I honestly didn’t care very much. I had a lot of non-Christian friends, and Sunday was our hang out day. Most of his friends went to our church. It’s just for different people and that’s ok 🤷‍♀️

  6. I saw this a while back and was amazed. Apparently there is a Google extension for it.

  7. Out of curiosity how hard an SAT question would this be? since it seems quite easy personally.

  8. I don’t think this is very accurate to a true SAT question, maybe it would be similar to this style but harder. I am in the lower level of math (not an honors class or anything advanced) so my questions will probably be simpler that those actually on the SATs.

  9. Sorry but are you for real? We did this is in grade 4. Pythagorean theorem.

  10. We learned Pythagorean theorem years ago, I assumed this had something to do with sin, cos, or tan which is very much a new concept for me. I didn’t realize how simple this is

  11. I had to make sure there was critical thinking in the subreddit of course

  12. I was born Friday the thirteenth in June. My grandmother thought I was a satanic spawn.

  13. Guy found out where our English teacher lived, sent him postcards which our teacher then hung up in class

  14. Apparently it’s a stool but now I can’t unsee the feces 🤣

  15. For me soup has always been the worst. The slurping and smacking lips. And if it’s hot people making a big show of blowing on it.

  16. Yucca is lower in calories, and higher in fiber, vitamin C, calcium and iron. Potatoes have more protein, potassium and magnesium.

  17. Thank you so much! I’ve always been iron deficient so now I’m going to put more effort into including yuccas into more parts of my diet

  18. Potatoes are a decent root vegetable choice but far away from the best nutritionally. I think that mars movie got it in to people's brains they were amazing and it just stuck.

  19. Thank you! I’ve always been told potatoes were full of vitamins and such. I’ll definitely try your carrot mash aswell.

  20. Love this musical.. but ya shes a nlog lol. To be fair though, this takes place in a dystopian future where everybody thinks and acts the same and excludes people who think for themselves so idk if this counts

  21. That’s a good point. Many of the characters felt like self inserts though. Throughout the show she kept making digs at the other girls, including some of the ones at Hard Rock Cafe. He entire personality is bade on how different she is from everyone else. Her whole personality gave ‘I’m so special and unique and better than all the ohh to we girls’. She (and Galileo) gave off a lot of pick me vibes. The show was good but I would have liked to have seen her have an arc where she embraces herself and doesn’t pay attention to others. Sure the ‘basic’ girls were jerks but she wasn’t very likable either. Also the subtle digs at pop reminded me of todays pick me’s who think they are special for like older music. The dystopian setting does influence a lot of it though, thank you for bringing that into light.

  22. When I was younger there was a girl who I didn’t get along with well. Our moms were best friends so we would have to do everything together. She was rude and loud. I told my mom I did want to hang out with them anymore. You know what my mom did? She said that’s ok and now only hangs out with just the mom.

  23. Similar to you I switched from Spotify to Amazon Music (instead of apple). Zero regrets, much better sound and I can play my playlists in order!

  24. Fr, I see people like this and wish they’d just stfu with the gatekeeping. Like, it doesn’t make your handwriting any better though, does it

  25. If anything it’s makes handwriting worse, with all the smudging and stuff. But I’ve never understood why people think it’s so important. It’s not special just uncommon

  26. It does for me at least. Always went home from school with residue on my hands from pencils. My writing was bad then now I have tremors. It looks like toddler writing on bad days. I remember finding out left handed notebooks are an actual thing.

  27. That and left handed pens! Absolute lifesaver for English class where we were constantly handwriting essays, and teachers took off points for smudges and sloppiness

  28. I want my remains to be turned into coral reefs or trees. Something that could possibly help save earth in the future. It’s small and stupid (and I’ve been told it’s weird) but honestly I can’t think of a better way to go. Also I want to break the Catholic tradition of open caskets

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